From losing weight to increasing flexibility and muscle strength to maintaining a balanced metabolism, the benefits of yoga are innumerable. And to make the practice of yoga more fun, beer yoga is the new fitness craze in Australia.

According to the founder, Jhula, the new exercise trend is fun yet serious. She says that the principles and outlook of yoga are combined with the joy of drinking beer to attain the highest level of consciousness. People learn the yoga poses involving “beer salutations” and balancing beer bottles on one’s head. Now, that’s something crazy. We definitely want to see this trend to come in India as the beer-lovers have a new reason to rejoice.

These strange yet creative ways of staying fit are giving everybody major body goals. After beer yoga, the latest fitness trend is of ‘nude exercising.’ It is a circuit-training workout that is extremely effective and beneficial as it allows the instructor to observe your mistakes clearly which is certainly difficult if you wear loose clothes. This sexy trend is unlikely to be welcomed in our country but if it does then it will surely prove this right: “So, the couple that works out together, stays together!”

Tell us in the comments below that which quirky fitness trends would you like to see in India!