Write For Us

Do you love writing? Or want your work to get recognize by world, then you are at right place, Here in DesiMusings we encourage people to write. From witty to traditional, history to trendy, poetry to lifestyle, you all are welcome to write desi masala for us. We’re in our initial days so, ideally, we won't be paying you bucks to write for us. Instead, we promise to give you your own profile in our blog (check at: desimusings.com/about-us) and also the social media recognition that you deserve, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+! We are now extending its horizon, providing a platform for bloggers all over the globe to come forward and display their work and get recognized over the internet.

DesiMuser fulfills the need of recognition for a beginner’s struggle of settling in a work environment. If someone aims at becoming a technical/creative/content writer or a simple blogger, no better place than DesiMusings can be there for you to start with.

Just bug us at contact@desimusings.com with your writing sample and you can start displaying your work over the internet that can be used as your masterpiece.

Lets get on some serious work:

  • Have your own masterpiece: All articles should be your own, please don’t copy and paste or take content/pictures from somewhere else.
  • Stay in limits: Please try to follow a word-limit between 300 – 800 words.
  • Hey you got me there: All articles will be published with byline and picture.

To send in your write-ups or for any queries on the same, get in touch with us at contact@desimusings.com.