Why do Movies Matter

“Does movies matter a lot to you?”

Someone asked me once, I still don’t know how to respond to that question with a clear answer. The first thought that strikes me upon hearing the question was Shouldn’t they matter to everyone. I mean, the majority of the masses consider movies as a medium of entertainment, and no doubt it should be, but expecting every movie to be solely based on the idea of entertainment and not trying to connect a chord with the audience by making a point about the times and the kind of society we live in through a character or through a milieu feels like constraining the whole idea of movies. Entertainment is always subjective, that’s why there are different genres of movies, and what appears entertaining for someone might cause the other person a heart attack (a good horror film).


Movies always matter to me, there is something mysterious, something really fascinating about the whole experience of going to a theater and watching a movie on the big screen. The moment of adrenaline rush with the lights going dim and the audience simply going berserk. I grew up in the single screen theater culture and those 2-3 hours, I was simply lost into the world projected on the big screen, I started believing that these characters did actually exist in the real world, and not just in the minds of directors and the writers who created them on paper. They appear to be a product of imagination, but actually, the situations they undergo is what makes us believe that these are actual people going through phases in their life. Sometimes, it’s not just the characters that stay with you, but whole setting, the backdrop of the story that makes you want to go to the actual place and explore it.

Movies are that one form of art which amalgamates all the other forms, be it through literature, paintings, music, erotica and many other. Movies work as the most efficient form of escapism for me, it opens up a whole new world for me filled with strangers, and as time goes, I get familiar with those strangers and learn about their stories, sometimes I like those strangers and the stories they share, sometimes I don’t, but what’s important is my constant efforts to meet maximum of those group of strangers and visualize their stories.

One must also reflect movies as one of the most important medium to scheme hope into our minds, yes, a bit manipulative strategy but it plants the seeds of optimism so effortlessly into our hearts that we are made to believe certain things in a certain specific way.

Yes, movies do matter a lot to me, they are narrating an alternate truth through frames and without movies, it would be difficult to locate hope in any form.

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