Who Doesnt Like Good Conversations

Like it or not but conversations cannot be avoided nor ignored. One interacts with people on a daily basis and its necessary to an extent cos that’s when you feel you’re active and ticking. Now, how long the conversation extends depends on one’s ability to accept, respect and tolerate the opposite person’s viewpoints and them on the whole. That’s where the trick lies.

Conversations shouldn’t be of a serious nature,  at least for me. It should be free-flowing, spontaneous and more or less on topics that both the persons enjoy to speak on. It shouldn’t be boring, in short.

Talks need not be on a daily basis but when you do talk with that person, there shouldn’t be a feeling of distance or ‘no-topic’ issues😕 it feels like we are doing a kind of obligation by speaking to them and vice- versa which in my opinion isn’t a great thing! If you do have one such person to talk with who brings out the best in you, who is willing to bear your mood- swings, who bears your non- sensical topics, who doesn’t have ego issues, believe me, they are keepers. And this feeling should be the same for them too else it’s just a dead end of talks!!

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Positivity, good vibes, a great chemistry should develop when we in are in conversation with the opposite sex. It need not happen instantly as everything takes its own course of time but one should get a feeling of happiness and satisfaction and not feel as though you ’re mentally and emotionally drained.

And even if you do not have any such person in your life to share and talk out your problems, it’s completely OK to be alone rather than being in a stressful friendship/ relation cos no one can understand you the way you do yourself and one need not explain and chase people just for them to be in your lives.

Being alone is also a power in itself.

A lovely quote to sum up this article would be:

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