When you peacefully lie in your couch at home, have you ever thought of the temperature in which our soldiers fight for the motherland at the borders of Siachen?

This verse is a tribute to every drop of blood that was shed at the border and every tear that dropped at the soldiers’ homes, as soldier once said… “with the rising winds I may tremble on my way but I will surely stand still at the peak by the falling darkness“…

Fallen lance for a soldier with shedded blood will I be
the metals of the bullet will cringe as the pierced heart will glee.
With the gleaming twilight of the morning dawn
I will fight for the eastern winds and the land
from the core of my delusional heart to the peak where I stand.
Soothe my body in white cotton and salute it to my mother
tell my father to lament on my sacrifice
never did I hunch back and held up high my tricolor.
The ecstasy of the first triumph it was,
or was it the conjuring darkness of the sleepless night.
The first time my bullet pierced his flesh
the glimpse of her broken damsel never leaves the sight.
The way I fought with the oddities of life,
invincible I had to be one day as if a burning knife.
The first glimpse of the steep mountains
and never did I tremble on my way.
The tweedling birds will march me home
as I had to stay atop the rock in the freezing Siachen.
Hail the lord! Destiny played its role and a warrior in me was a bliss
fill thy mother’s womb with rage a soldier would rise again and heaven would kiss..


Soon to be a graduate, a fun loving guy who loves to write about random things, and currently working on a few novels. He likes to read biographies during his free time, and also loves to play badminton.