Flames Series Old School Romance

I want an old fashioned kind of love. I need the politeness and the joy of receiving handwritten love letters. I want the love which is forever. I want the kind of love that is just as strong 30-40 years later. I want my heart to beat the same way every single time I would see my ‘man’ smiling at me. I want to remember all the first times, the milestones and the achievements. I want the kind of love that I would never ever regret. I want love that doesn’t fade no matter the distance or time apart. I want the kind of love that is worth the fight. I want the love which is always growing but never changing.

500 days of summer

I want old-fashioned love. I don’t want mechanical love. I don’t need the one night stands and the string of guys who crush on me on social media every one hour. The classic old-fashioned love, that never dies. To me, old school love means treating people with respect and dignity. It means not taking advantage of someone though they allow you the freedom to do so.

Old school love is patient, slow, beautiful and never dirty and takes sex seriously. I want a love that revolves around conversation. I want to talk to someone for hours, face to face, and to not have the distraction of mobile phones, laptop or social media. I want to laugh, until my stomach hurts, and make him laugh more hard. I don’t need help of technology and apps to make the relationship survive. I need someone who will tell me the truth even if it is hard to do. I want someone who will actually look at me when I talk to him. And I want the kind of love that is precious, because I know it is real. I want to see his imperfections, know his insecurities, and fall in love with his unconventional personality.

jane tu ya jane na

I want to dance, drink, be merry and love all night just like we’re 18 again. I really a good man who works hard and treats people right. I want to be surprised with little cute love notes, tell me I am beautiful not through an Instagram Selfie comment, texting is very convenient but I need more than that. I want to hear your voice. It might sound weird, but I actually enjoy talking to you on the phone. I don’t wish the essence of love to be suffocated. Personal space should never a problem. I want really us to be into each other where it showed such as stealing glances every now and then, holding each other’s hands, sneaking out for dates and drives. I want to be wooed every day, made to feel special and it would make us happier, feel more loved, and have a healthier relationship.

girl lost in books

How is a girl who gets lost in books and the world surrounding her going to find ‘true’ love in a hookup culture of meaningless sex? I cannot compromise myself because that will land me in an unhappy marriage, and a potential divorce. Looks fade. Wrinkles arrive. Sickness comes. Death comes. And for me, life is too short for me to waste my time on fake relationships. I am not sitting around waiting for 2018 to become 1950 again, but I am hoping for my old-fashioned love in the modern world.

PS: This post is inspired and dedicated to a real life couple who are crazily in love with each other, their story is typical ‘OSR’ (Old School Romance) – they believe growing and staying in love forever.

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