The Hope He Finally Found in

He parked his six-year-old second hand Maruti Alto, the last gift from his grandpa, in the basement of Diamond Horizon; exactly the way he had been doing for the last two years. Parking in this basement because of the ill-planned construction of the building was always a challenge for him.

He went past the guard at reception and acknowledged his salute with a gentle nod. The guard was the only person who reminded him of his existence in the building. His reflection in the mirror did that too. For others, he was akin to a piece of furniture.

Entering the lift, he drew in a deep breath. He felt good to realize he was the only person to enter the lift. He needed some time alone. He pressed the button for the 20th floor instead of the 9th floor where his office, VistaVision – Marketing & Brand Consultants was located. 20th floor for its access to the terrace. It provided him with a breathtaking view of the Mumbai landscape. Given the condition of the elevator, he realized it would him approximately 5 minutes to reach the terrace.

He acknowledged his reflection in the mirror. His face bore a calm expression today. Calmness, an expression which he was bereft of for ages. Perhaps it was because things were going to change today.

He stared at his reflection and realized how aged he looked. He was 26 but looked nothing younger than 35. Thanks to his dull and gloomy face, brooding eyes and a receding hairline. He gave his reflection one last stare before he stepped out of the lift as it declared the arrival of the 20th floor.

Standing at the edge of the terrace, today he did not bother to gaze at the view it had to offer. His mind was clear; his decision final. There was no trepidation whatsoever in his thoughts. He didn’t bother to see around; he didn’t see the airplanes on the horizon. He failed to see the enigmatic shapes the clouds conjured. He even missed out on the game of cricket kids from the nearby slum were playing, a game he once loved so much. Nothing of this mattered to him.

Today, he was a reformed person. There was resolute in his actions and thoughts. Today was the day when he would put things to an end. The day when it would change forever, or rather come to an end for eternity.

And without a second thought, Akshat jumped off the terrace. Gravity now had to serve its duty.

To be continue

A marketer by profession and a storyteller at heart, Niket lives for three things - Food, friends, and family. When he is not in office making marketing plans and analytical reports, he can be often spotted reading a book, or sometimes even trying to write one. Oh, by the way, he makes amazing desi Chinese.