The Epic Biography Of Washroom

Hi, I am a Washroom. You all know me well.

I live in your home, office, mall, school, college, airport and railway station.

You know what am I used for and how useful & essential I am in your daily life.

But you don’t know one thing about me that I am the only one after GOD who knows maximum things about you. You don’t believe me, right! No issues I will tell you how?

But before that you should know who I am exactly. What is my role in your life?

The Epic Biography Of Washroom talking

You use me several times in a day for pee, poop, and touch up of your makeup if you are a woman or for gossips or to talk about your dark secrets. All these keep happening in my premises.

You wake up in the morning and use me to empty your stomach, just imagine if I was not there then what would have happened?

I am responsible for your great start of the day.

Let’s show you a commercial washroom, how I face things in the current world. In the morning I saw a guy sitting on the bench inside my premises & he was crying. I move towards him to know what happened but he was murmuring slowly. I realised he failed in two subjects and he was afraid to face his father. Poor fellow did not understand what to do.

Next minute a draper guy entered inside with his laptop bag and stood in front of the mirror. I think he had to attend an interview or a seminar. He practiced in front of the mirror. While practicing he washed his hands to lower down his nervousness.

I have 8 cubicles and I find people it full. Mornings are usually busy and I don’t know what they are upto?

Sitting on the seat & surfing on net, playing games on mobile, chat with their girlfriend or boyfriend, or a friend or a relative.

Different types of emotions are flushed out daily in my premises and I watch all of them. Sometimes, I enjoy but there are times I cried, I am helpless, I have no rights to rectify those things, I can’t even talk to them about it.

The Epic Biography Of Washroom gossip

Men and women both gossip and they happen a lot in the washrooms. I know everything about the people, about their love affairs, their cheat deals, their break ups, promotions, who got fired on a Monday morning, their financial conditions and all the wrong things at their homes.

They don’t realise I hear and know everything, they confess to me because they trust me a lot and they are confident enough that I will never leak their secrets because I am meant for this.

I am a WASHROOM; you clean yourself in me whether it’s your stomach, your thoughts, your personality, your grudges, your appearances and everything else.

Sometimes I think a washroom is the right place to chat, gossip and cry. I feel proud of myself. This is one place in the whole world where human beings can sit quietly; feel emotional without any disturbances from the outer world. And this all because of me.

I exist in your life & watch you as a friend, a well wisher and as a listener.

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