Thank You My Love

When she left him, it made him shatter and feel that the things will never turn good. But fate had something else to show. He learnt many things which he was scared of doing without her earlier. Life taught him everything…for better.

This autumn he learned so many new things which he was unaware of.

He learned to walk alone through the lanes where they used to walk together.

This autumn he learned to share silence, though he was adored as talkative.

This winter his wet searching eyes learned to bear disappointment, though he was known for being strongest one.

Thank you my love.

Thank you for teaching me so many things.

Thank you for burning the castles of our love which we have built together.

Thank you for proving that promises are meant to be broken.

Thank you for clearing that eternity of love is a myth.

Thank you for taking away the temple from me where I used to worship.

Thank you for teaching me how to hold tears, how to stay awake whole night and how to smile with a totally broken heart.

And thank you for the most beautiful thing you taught me, that how hopelessness, helplessness and depression absorbs a human to the level, from where standing back is impossible.

Thank you for making me impecunious to such a level that u left me with nothing , not even the purpose of my existence.

A MBBS student whose passion lies in writing.