Our Team


Abhishek Agrawal
A Computer Engineer, who loves to explore codes and technologies, is Co-Founder of DesiMusings who works with codes and business strategies. He has 5 years+ working experience in Programming and Banking cards personalization setups, also worked as a freelance trainer and developer for various organizations. Apart from his keen interest in codes he loves to do weight lifting and boxing.
Abhinav Agrawal
Co-Founder & Designer
He designs and handles the managerial activities of DesiMusings apart from being co-founder of Desimusings. He is an Engineer evolved into a designer who specializes in User Experiences. He is Passionate about solving complex problems through his designs. He is a very avid reader who enjoys reading scholastic books, a tea enthusiast by nature and dog’s best friend.
Romila C
An enchantress of words, she handles Editorial and content activities of DesiMusings. She is armed with 6 degrees in Journalism, PR, Law, Business Management and Digital Marketing. She has been writing since 1996. A top-notch individual, she is proficient in editing and content development of novels, blogs, articles and books. She loves her iPad, Coffee and Urdu language. Not to miss out she is very famous for her sense of humor on Twitter.
Piyush Chaturvedi
Content Writer & Photographer
A data Analyst by profession and a content enthusiast, he is a content writer and photographer of DesiMusings. His funny serious side is usually reflected in his articles which are a must read. He handles promotions at Internity Foundation. His great voice and his fingers on guitar make a very musical combination. He is a passionate biker who travels frequently.
Shubhra Bhardwaj
Social Media Specialist
A branding expert, she is in charge of social media activities of DesiMusings. A Mass Communication graduate who has worked with many renowned brands for their campaigns such as BMW, Avon cycles, Shiv Naresh, Pita Pit India etc. She loves to cook, serve and eat. A pure Punjabi by heart who can binge on kulche chhole anytime.