How much choclate can kill you

Too much is too bad” isn’t?
In this Christmas and New Year, you may be having sherbet dabs, lollies, gobstoppers, candies, cakes and lot of Chocolates.With the holidays coming up more chocolate are coming to your home but sugar rush during festivities can send you to early graves. We will tell you how much chocolates can kill you so be attentive and concern about your health.

chocolate can invite your death

We know nobody can avoid chocolates but sometimes unavoidable things can be harmful. We never feed chocolates to our pets because we know it can be lethal. One of the key components of chocolate is theobromine, or theobromide, also known as xantheose. Theobroma, meaning “food of the gods”, the genus of the cacao tree. If theobromine is consumed in excess, it can nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, along with internal bleeding, seizures, and heart attack. 1000 mg per kilogram of theobromine is lethal for humans, which is calculated roughly 85 full-size chocolate bars. Be healthy and wise while consuming because safe eating will add more charms to your festivals.

So the moral of the story would be to eat in moderation, and indulge, but mildly. To do nothing at all would be quite criminal, for after all it is the Christmas and New Year.

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