Stalker note on a car windshield
Photo by Sarah Adkins

Through this article I would like to put forth my views on stalking which is becoming a horrid reality in today’s world and every female would have undergone this trauma at some point in their lives. It has become a menace to the society , to the victim or rather the “survivor” is how I would like to call them . The family members are also traumatized due to its ill effects and the social stigma attached to it. Be it on social media or cyber stalkers as you call them or on the roads or your daily travel routine, stalking is prevalent and there is a constant fear that someone somewhere is watching you and one can’t deny that.

Movies also are responsible for “glorifying “ this act to an extent. The males tend to think its cool and macho to pursue the girl of their choice and as a result of it are constantly annoying and irritating the opposite sex till things turn sour and feelings of revenge takes over.

stalking types of stalker

Stalking, the word itself sends shivers through one’s spine. Frankly speaking, everyone does stalk in some way or the other but in a harmless manner such that the other person is not scarred for life. But some acts results in deadly consequences if not paid heed to. Every single day when one opens up the newspapers or for that matter any television news channel one gets to see and read cases of severe stalking which unfortunately ends up in an accident or murder of the victim in extreme cases. Now the question that arises in my mind is , doesn’t a girl have the right to say a “ NO” to a relationship which she doesn’t approve of or if she gets the feeling that the guy is not eligible for her or for that matter any reason which does not make her comfortable in engaging in a relationship with the concerned male counterpart? And surprisingly in all the cases of stalking, the males are known to the females and her family members and have been shunned for some reason or the other.

What’s happening to the society??

In the recent past, we have had cases like Swathi, the techie from Chennai who was brutally murdered on the railway platform as she waited to board a train to go to work. The murderer was known to her and she was been stalked by him for several months and the general public stood like mute spectators on a busy platform on a busy day as he walked away after committing the crime! The public is equally responsible for the crime as they do not intervene when such incidents happen and stand and watch everything as though some sort of live entertainment is going on!

Such crimes have become rampant in the cities and its high time that people who are in close proximity to the stalker counsel them or take them to a professional who can guide and help them to come out of this relationship and bring them back to normalcy. This also applies to the victim and their parents to lodge complaints against anyone who trouble them to such an extent that life becomes a constant fear when they are around and not to think about any social stigma attached to stalking or what others will think of them and the victim. There’s nothing more important than one’s life.

Boys need to be taught how to deal with failed relationships and they need to divert their mind to doing productive things which help them do better in life and lead happy lives. Things go wrong and handling them bravely and confidently are signs of maturity. Stalking and making each other’s lives miserable is no solution to anything. It only leads to more problems, hatred and no one gains anything out of it.

Love and to be loved is a beautiful feeling but not at the cost of taking each other’s life. A one-sided love or a jilted lover needs to understand that.

Stalking is not love

We do not need more Swathis and Ashwinis who have lost their lives due to someone crazy infatuation towards them. Love is beautiful when two people are equally involved else its just annoying!

I would like to end this article by telling both the genders, “ Love is all cool but when things start turning sour , leave and let go. Respect each other and wish the best for each other”.

Stay sane and not go insane.

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