A (maybe) great news for die-hard Twitteratis! For the people who find it difficult to speak their heart out on Twitter in 140 characters, Twitter will be shortly expanding the word limit to 280 characters!

Twitter made this announcement through a 213 character Tweet (testing the increased limit). Here is the tweet!


1. While some took a toll on the center of Indian politics

2. Others took it to another dimension!

3. Some influential personalities are against this decision, thinking that it destroys the beauty of Twitter

4. Length doesn’t matter, words matter if you want to express!

5. For “f**k” sake 😀

6. Well, everyone needs these things more than the character limit expansion

7. Mitron! Ab main aapse! Do-gune vaade kar sakta hoon!

8. Should they change the name too?


9. Do you want to say that Twitter is an Idiot?

10. Well, this character has put on a lot of weight!

11. Singles, again, are jealous. But this time because of Twitter!


12. “Game of Thrones” lovers leave no occasion to show it. Please!

13. Most-loved and the most-hated man of the world, targeted

For the time being, people will be able to express themselves in a single tweet instead of writing two. But human is greedy, the more it gets, the more it wants!
Best utilised if you’re good with words. Otherwise if this limit is still less for you, you must start working on your vocab, bud!

A Data Analysis and Solutions Engineer by profession and a singer, guitarist, foodie, drummer, biker, animal-lover; Piyush Chaturvedi works at Mindtree Pvt. Ltd. in Pune. He’s a keen traveler, biker and loves to explore adventurous places on unplanned trips. Piyush keeps people around him motivated and is a stress-buster guy. Keeps logical approach towards life and thinks from his heart, he doesn’t want people to judge his kind hearted personality by his looks.