When we think about a pointing device, either we think of a Mouse or a touchpad. Most people will prefer a mouse over a touchpad and it’s understandable as the mouse is easier to use and fast. I myself prefer the mouse when I’m gaming or designing but apart from that, I prefer the touchpad when I’m just sitting back, enjoying the chaos of internet and performing normal tasks such as writing this article. I’m rocking my touchpad, you will know why. I was never a fan of using touchpad. They sucked before but things have changed and I prefer the touchpad over the mouse. But what’s the fuss about touchpad? Well, gestures, I’m a huge fan of it. It’s something mouse doesn’t provide. I first used touchpad gestures in Inspiron 3421 running on Windows 8, but it was not natively supported by Windows. Rather, it was Synaptic Drivers and Dell software which enable those gestures and I loved them.

Multi-finger gestures are awesome and I absolutely love them. Two-finger tap for right-click, two-finger scrolling, zoom, rotate, three-finger swipe, three-finger tap, four-finger tap. Oh this is heaven! I find it convenient using the touchpad with these gestures. Now the touchpad I have in my 4 years-old Inspiron 3421 is not a Precision Touchpad, but the one in my Inspiron 5559 i7 is and Windows 10 natively supports touchpad gestures if you have Precision Touchpad in your device. If you are not sure whether your devices have precision touchpad or not, just go to Settings > Devices > Touchpad and if it says, “Your PC has a precision touchpad” like in the screenshot below then you have it (that is obvious), else, you don’t (again obvious).

Windows 10 natively supports these touchpad gestures and lets you customize what you want the multi-finger gestures to do. I have set three-finger gesture to Switch apps and show desktop and a three-finger tap to play and pause the music (which I use extensively as I don’t have to keep opening the music app or have to press key combination to play or pause). Switching between the apps but swiping three fingers left or right is just so convenient! Swipe down with three fingers to minimize all apps and show desktop, swipe up to have Multitasking view. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving it!

You can set it up just the way you want, and let me tell you that using a Precision Touchpad just feels so good! I now hate how the touchpad in 3421 feels after using the Precision touchpad in 5559. Change is hard and I’m not asking to ditch your mouse, that would be stupid. Most people don’t even know that these settings do exist, because couple of weeks ago few people tweeted that they didn’t know about this awesomeness. Did you know about this? Now that you know, go play with it and share your thoughts.

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