A brand’s recognition is essential for which one vital thing is: a successful stationery. No matter how big your brand is, you have to make a consistent marketing image through all marketing materials. A brand creation process is a creative process and takes a lot of ongoing efforts out of which stationery design is one of the important elements.

The digital world has made the stationery design as the last tangible item of marketing. Though stationery is now not the priority thing to be considered as the first, but making your stationery design essential is leaving a lasting impression.

Stationery may not be the first impression for online services but often the first impression for few brands. The stationery items include letterhead, note card, business card, pen, notebooks and many others having the right logo design, colors and other related information.

The strategy you select should represent the vision and the overall motive of your brand. For a brand to be remembered, the design you make must be eye-catching, memorable and represent your company’s purpose. It is not just the design that matters, but also the paper quality that counts.

People are always more willing to do business with a trusted and established brand as their trust will be unfailing while associating with them, so learning to make custom printing stationery items will not only help you build your brand but also act as a marketing tool in enhancing your brand’s image.

Cover Your Basic Information

Cover Your Basic Information

When designing stationery, you want it to be aesthetically pleasant and functional which means that along with the design, you need to have your company’s all relevant information that includes your brand’s name, custom logo design, website, email address and business address. Moreover, you can also add social media pages to connect faster with your potential customers.

Make It Readable

A cluttered design and font distract the people from noticing the important details on the stationery. The content should be printed in an easy-to-read format, aligned left to right. Using no more than one or two fonts maintains the neatness, consistency and easy readability of the stationery items.

Tip: Remember to include plenty of white space in the design to make it readable and help your brand’s message stand out.

Colors Enrich Your Design

Colors Enrich Your Design

The colors you select for your business stationery must stand out. Colors have always been a strong tool to affect the viewers. It grabs the attention and makes it interesting to be read. The right color can be extremely powerful as this can also be used in highlighting an important area or conveying a particular idea or message. You should go with complementary colors for the paper, as they tend to look best together. A decent combination will give a pleasant look to your stationery design like a bright color logo should go with a light color background and so vice versa.

Quality Of The Paper

When selecting a particular stock for your business stationery, make sure the stock color or texture fits your brand type. Nothing will make or break your business stationery like the quality of the paper that you use. The design and the efforts you make on your stationery design is meaningless if you use a low quality paper which is not durable.


Loius Martin is a professional blogger and a digital marketing specialist. He is a design and a marketing enthusiast and has shared his knowledge through writing.