Letter from Sofia to her dad

Dear Father,

In today’s internet time I’m sending you a handwritten letter. My journey started when you held me, when you fed me on your lap and when you were awake with me on sleepless nights for me to sleep well.

The journey continued from my school to college till I decided to leave home for my betterment. When I decided to become a model, you objected that the glamour world will not suit for me and my life will turn into hell. But I am happy I proved you wrong after 5 years of working and made a name for myself in this profession.

Modeling doesn’t mean nudity as you believe; its art of showing clothes designed by fashion designers which doesn’t suit all. I enjoy my work as much I had enjoyed my struggle, walking on ramp with full confidence, photo shoot, attending the parties and much more. It is a world full of money.

I am sending you some money though the fact you are angry with me how I went against you and we had no conversations with one another in the last 5 years. I tried contacting you and then decided to write letters which is better than speaking.

Wherever I was and wherever I will be, I will be happy and always love you as I had always loved you in the past. Dad, don’t hate me and my decisions, just love me as you loved me as a little girl and yes you were always right dad.

Your Lovely Girl,

Sofia’s father’s hands were shivering after reading his daughter’s letter; it had been 2 days to Sofia’s dead, she committed suicide by hanging herself with rope.

Her father opened the drawer, in which he had preserved the letters written to him by Sofia from the past 5 years and he added this letter to the collection.

Harshil Madhu is a Computer Science Engineer, currently working as a software developer in Ahmedabad. He likes converting his thoughts and ideas into short stories.