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Ankit Pandey is the lead Vocalist and Guitarist at Vaidurya and Songwriter at Anarghyaa. He is a Prabhakar-level graduate in tabla-playing and is currently doing Praveen (post graduation) in it. Ankit is also completing his Western music theory from the London School of Music. He wrote and composed the ICYM anthem for Indian Catholic Youth Moment. He was awarded thrice as the best singer in IIIT, Allahabad. He has participated at so many singing competitions at state and local level.

DesiMusings had the opportunity to recently meet Ankit. We talked after his show and he agreed to have an interview with us.

1. How did you start with your passion of song writing and singing?

Music was with me ever since I was a kid. I started my musical journey with Tabla and did my graduation in it. I used to sing a bit then but it was not a professional approach ever. But then in 2011 I went for the auditions of Indian idol. It was a stupid attempt because I was not at all trained. I was rejected in the 4th round and that rejection got me into singing. Writing for me is expressing my pain and thoughts about anything that moves my soul. If I find anything that can be served as a Message, I write about it.

2. Being a vocalist and a guitarist is a deadly combination, as I am also an example. What did it take to become successful after continued struggle?

Never giving up attitude is a must when you plan out to be a musician. I heard a lot of people saying that music serves the soul but won’t fill up your stomach. But then people who say this never actually gave what was needed. Music needs your everything, your time, soul and life. Half hearted devotion never takes you anywhere when it comes to this vast ocean of music.

3. Being a student of commerce from University of Allahabad, how did you manage to follow your love for music along with huge load of studies?

I realised that I was made up for music. I gave my 100% time to it. Studies were never a problem because I did it on the last day. I still remember that in my graduation viva I asked the Professor to listen to a song from me and fortunately I scored good marks.

4. Going in to the past, when did you realise your love for music?

Talking about the time when I was admitted to the school, I used to always play beats on the table of my classroom during the morning assembly. My class teacher used to notice that always and she motivated me to learn a bit and play in the school assembly.

5. Have you ever been to a singing reality show or do you plan to be a part of one in the future to showcase your talent?

As I said I was a part of Indian Idol in 2011 but haven’t tried anything since then, I have some strong plans for future and let’s see might be a reality show soon.

6. What was the reaction of your near and dear ones when you told them that you want to pursue this career?

Being Indian, the first reaction is always the same. People called me by different names (Train me gaane wala , orchestra Singer ) and what not and the only thing I used to always say was – Time will tell and I am very happy with what I stand to be today. My parents stand by my stand and that’s like more than enough.

7. Do you plan to roll out a debut song album?

Yes very soon. Things are in process and happy news very soon.

8. What genre of songs do you prefer to perform?

I am a music person so I don’t hold my likings for any genre as such. I sing everything right from Kishore Kumar to Arijit Singh. Sufi is always my thing so I love covering the songs sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab and at times a bit of Jagjit Singh Sahab and Kailash Kher too . Anything that sounds good to the ears is worthy of a try from a singer. So I try doing that.

9. How would you describe your journey till now through a song?

There is a song that was sung by Papon and was also the anthem for Roadies 10. The song is called Jajabor, that song perfectly describes me and my dreams.

10. Success comes with pain and happiness. How about sharing the best and the worst part of your journey with us?

Coming to Delhi was a tough decision. I had a good market in my home town but I wanted to grow as a singer. So catching up with the trend and the people here was a difficult task. But then I am very happy with the way things have turned out to be. There have been a lot of moments which have brought a smile on my face. But then I am still waiting for the time when my Mom and Dad feel very proud. My mom never praises me. She just says, you can do even better. So just waiting for the time when she says that I was good.

11. People love to listen to you. Are you majorly focusing to perform in NCR or do you plan to cover more cities? How about Pune?

Delhi is a hub for now and that’s the reason I am here. Trying my hand over everything I can as a singer and then planning up for Mumbai soon. Some plans are under the sleeves. Just wait and watch.

Ankit Pandey Singer

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