MET Gala 2017 saw the biggest of celebrities in their best (and worst) of avatars of the grand fashion eve. While some were dressed with perfection, some even made bizarre  statement with their attires. As always, Twitter India was at its best at trolling and making fun of the celebs and their outfits, and unfortunately, Priyanka Chopra was the centre of attraction for most of them…

1. Because sweepers took a day off on Labour’s Day 😀

2. And, PC was given suggestions like these…

3. And, Rihanna’s outfit was #GOALS! (Literally)

4. Stolen bedsheet?!

5. When (ahem) all of them went to the loo together…

6. Lady Constable in the house?

7. Well, we feel sorry for PC…

8. This one is epic!

9. You know where the akhada scenes of Dangal were shot? Now you know!

10. Dosa, anyone?

11. Can’t stop laughing! 😀

12. The secret behind Alladin’s magic carpet!

13. Multi-tasking at her best!

I guess you would also agree that Twitterati never fails to amaze us with their imagination and humor! Share your opinion about their outfits in the comments section below!