Innovative Ideas for Kid’s Lunch Box

It could be really daunting to decide what to prepare in the morning for his/her lunch at school. If your little one is a toddler, then thinking about stuff that can make his/her taste bud happy along with his/her health is harder. Mothers really have a tough time every morning thinking about lunchbox recipes for kids. One has to keep so many things in mind while preparing Tiffin box for children. For instance, the food should be easy enough for them to chew, it should not be too heavy or too light, it should be nutritious etc.

If you are also struggling thinking about Indian lunch box recipes, then you are at a correct place. We will provide you with some food items that you can make quickly and will qualify the nutrition and taste needs of your little ones as well. Read on.

1. GrindFruit Mixture



There are many fruits which pediatricians say should not be cut and kept for a long time. But the juice of these fruits can be stored. If your child is not happy with the Tiffin box recipes for school which you are preparing, then try this unusual idea. Take soft fruits like cherry and banana and grind them in a mixture. Add little milk also. Do not add milk to the extent that it would become very dilute. Add grind dry fruits in this ‘shake style’ innovative and tasty edible stuff. There are flask bottles which are designed for kids and in these insulated flasks you can give this as a lunch once in a while.

2. Baked Veggies

baked vegies

None of the children are in love with veggies. But if you tweak it a little bit, then you can innovate one of the best Indian lunch box recipes for 3 year old or toddlers. Bake veggies like peas and spinach. Add little mayonnaise and very light seasonings (remember you are preparing food for your child). Doing this will take the raw taste of vegetable away and the food will become delectable. Believe us, your child will be fond of this new food and you will be able to feed them green vegetables without any problem.

3. Fruity Dry Cakes

fruity dry cakes

If your child has a half day at school then you can give the dry fruit cakes for lunch. You can also give the dry fruit cake to teenagers as a sweet along with a proper food. Children love the cake but the creamy ones are little difficult to carry as a Tiffin. This is why many mothers prefer the dry fruitcakes for Tiffin purpose. It is also a fantastic way to feed the dry fruits to children which they otherwise do not like.

There are many other things you can innovate for the purpose of lunch boxes for your kids. Just surf the DIY ideas on the internet and you will get many ideas. There are many platforms which offer “Online midnight cake delivery in Hyderabad” and also at other time of the day. If you were somehow unable to buy or prepare the cake, then you can order from these platforms.

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