Indian Standup Comedy Scenario Development

In recent 2 to 3 years we have seen a drastic development in Indian Standup comedy culture. It has grown popular.

5 years ago, if you would have said someone that you wanted to earn your bread by doing standup comedy, people would have laughed at you; NO PUN INTENDED. No one used to consider Standup as a full-time employment option. But in recent times, we have seen people taking standups as a serious career option. It has become an Industry which is creating new artists every now and then. We have seen some very popular Indian Comedians doing their shows in foreign countries which ultimately is putting Indian Standup Comedy on the world map.

Why The Growth?

Stand up comedy audience

The modern day Indian audience is getting more and more involved in standup comedies. Nowadays people are becoming welcoming about various sensitive issues and do not shy away from discussing controversial topics like- racism, casteism, sexism, politics, religion and everything in between. 

Indian Standup comedians have adopted a very casual style of delivering their content which helps the audience to connect with them easily.

The number of standup comedians joining the troupe is also rising at an insane rate. This is due to the people realizing the amount of money and fame involved in this profession. Plus, who does not love to make people laugh?

There has also been an increase in the number of platforms through which people can access these contents easily. Social Networking sites are a great medium for the comedians to disseminate their content and reach their audiences. Sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter help in spreading the message to a large chunk of the audience. 

Change In Clubbing Culture

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Gone are the days when clubs were all about electronic dance music, rock band performance or live acoustic music. The organizers and managers of clubs have realized the power of Standup comedy and have started including comedians in their lineup. It helps them to bring in the crowd on slow weekdays. Not only clubs but many other businesses like big corporates, hotels, event organizers have started acknowledging standup comedy and its potential to pull the audience in.

The Metamorphosis of Indian Audience

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There has been an increase in the number of people who have developed the taste for sarcasm and puns and hence are appreciating the standup gigs. Standup comedy is the need of the hour considering the amount of stress people go through in their day to day life. People are turning towards Standup comedy to find solace.  Nowadays movie going, and clubbing is no more as appealing as they were. The standup venues are the new hangout destination. Coz who doesn’t like sharing a laugh with a group of friends?

Sure, there is some section of the audience which gets offended by the jokes and we have also seen FIRs being filed against many Standup Comedians. It is still a topic of debate that Is India ready for hard-hitting Standup Comedy?

The Evolution of Content

There was a time when Indian Standup Comedians were all about mimicking other famous personalities, doing shayaris and political satires. But the present-day audience has changed a lot and so has the content delivered by the standup comedians. Present day comedians do not hesitate about discussing high-strung issues. They address many issues which are important and integral to the lives of youth in the country. Also, there are many comedians who like talking about light-hearted topics like breakups, job profession, cab experiences and so on.  Some comedians also love sharing their personal life stories with the audience in a funny way. Storytelling intertwined stand-up comedy is loved by the audience as they make people laugh and they find them relatable. They spin the serious issue and present the message in a funny and refreshing way which is enjoyed by everyone.

The Evolution Of Everything

Open mics, where anyone is welcome to perform stand-up comedy, is becoming a common thing in most of the urban cities. Amateurs try their hand in standup comedy. This is contributing well in engaging and involving the audience with the art form.

Many online content streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime are constantly adding standup specials of the artists. Online streaming apps are employing standups to broaden their content library. This ultimately helps to popularize the art form on a global level.

 International Exposure

Vir Das stand up comedy

Indian Standup Comedy is getting bigger and bigger over time. Indian Comedy is finding its growth in the foreign market also. There are several Indian Comedians like Vir Das, Zakir Khan, Aditi Mittal, Rahul Subramanian and many more who are performing abroad and are appreciated and loved. They among others have brought Indian Comedy Culture on the world map.

The Future

Standup Comedy has two major aspects. One is the business aspect, the other is an art form. At this point in time, both the aspects are doing wonders.

The audience for standups has never been this large. So, it will be safe to say that the craze for Standup Comedy is not going anywhere and is here for a long while.

Indian Standup industry is on the boom!

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