Impossible Uncertain Proposal
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Meera was just four years of age on watching a marriage procession, she asked her mother innocently, “Dear mother, who will be my bridegroom?” Meera’s mother smiled, and half in jest pointed towards the image of Sri Krishna and said, “My dear Meera Lord Krishna is going to be your bridegroom”. She manifested a deep devotion to Krishna. Meera grew up she believed that Lord Krishna would come to marry her Meera was beautiful, soft-spoken, mild-mannered, gifted with a sweet melodious voice. Meera writes how she feels to approach Lord Krishna, with her proposal. She tries to connect her world with that of his world. She herself doesn’t know how she is going to propose him, but she knows in what all ways she is not going to propose.

The day I will Propose,

Neither with Blue Iris nor with red Rose.
With something which will bring us too close.
Not only for the heart, but also for the soul.
For never being apart living as a whole.

Neither on the rooftop nor on the ground.
Somewhere beyond the horizon, Where feelings will be profound.
Not only for happiness but also for sadness,
For the life as well as for the liveliness.

Neither in the morning nor in the evening,
For me at that moment, which won’t be deceiving.
Not only in front of God, but also in front of humanity,
When you and I will totally be in our love insanity.

Neither during the candlelight dinner nor during the dance,
During something which will have a great chance of romance.
Not only for our start but also after our end,
For our love to strengthen and to ascend.

Neither with a drink nor with a ring.
With something which will have an effect for us of cling.
Not only for the touch but also for feeling,
For all our sorrow and agony to heal.

Neither with a kiss nor on a bended knee,
The proposal is more of a requested plea
Not only for bonding but also for freedom.
To throw away our myth and grow our wisdom.

Neither for your yes, nor for your no,
For an answer, which will be of totally your go.
Not only for sympathizing me, but also for your choice,
Reply after listening to your internal voice.

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