I Am Fading Away
Image Source: vivblogs

Fading away is a poem which gives a melancholy feeling of being lost in life.


Silence has been my mate,
And darkness is my home.
Slowly I am fading away,
And none can notice my woe.
Don’t cry when I am gone,
Don’t find me when I am lost,
For when I wailed in pain and,
Was drowning in ocean of despair;
No one was around to hold on to me,
To be there for me to console me.
The times of distress,
Have been really onerous for me,
And still I am alive, breathing and smiling.
Like nothing is wrong and I am going strong.
But the fact is that,
No more can I fight back.
I am tired of the chaos,
I am tired of the demons.
And now I wish only for a peaceful sleep.

Nazish from Mumbai is currently studying Masters in English Literature. She aspires to be a story-teller and a full-time writer. Nazish wishes to be a traveller some day.