Unified and Diversified Holi

Holi is here! Everyone knows what is Holi (if you don’t know, it is a festival of colors celebrated by the Hindu population across the world), why Holi and how to celebrate it (again, click here if you don’t know why and how)

People who don’t know about it, you cannot skip this part.

People who know about the festival, I am not here to tell you the DOs and DON’Ts this Holi or to give you a lecture on celebrating it like humans and not hooligans. Celebrate it the way you want (DISCLAIMER: Don’t hurt anyone, don’t disrespect anyone). You celebrate it the way it is done in your locality, city or state. Do you know how it is celebrated across the country in colorful states?

Here is what you should know about how it is:

1. Lathmar Holi

Lathmar Holi

Known to be the origin of the festival, Barsana region of Uttar Pradesh celebrates Lathmar Holi. Barsana region includes Mathura, Nandgaon and Barsana. Along with colors, this celebration is famous for Gopis being beaten up by sticks on their shields by the women. Well, it is not violent but interesting and exciting!

2. Khadi Holi

Khadi Holi
Image Caption: DW.COM

Kumaon region of Uttarakhand celebrates the festival with group of people called Toli moving across their societies with music and greeting all the people who pass by.

3. Hola Mohalla

Hola Mohalla

The kind of Holi played by the people of Punjab is quite different. Hola Mohalla is the warrior’s Holi which is celebrated by the Nihang Sikhs. Singing and showcasing their martial arts, they celebrate it a day before Holi.

4. Basant Utsav and Dol Jatra

Basant Utsav and Dol Jatra

With the arrival of spring season, people of Bengal welcome the season by celebrating it as Basant Utsav. People dressed up in saffron clothes dance and sing to celebrate it.
Dol Jatra is a part of the main Holi festivities. Dol Purnima has processions where people take the idols of Radha and Krishna to the streets. Men spraying water and colours adds to the beauty and fun of the procession.

5. Phaguwa

Phaguwa Holi

Called with the name in Bhojpuri, Holi is at its best in Bihar! Lighting up the Holika is followed by celebrations where people use Gulaal, water colors from natural extracts to greet one another with a touch or splash. They sing and dance on folk songs. Bhaang consumption in Thandaai on Holi is well known.


Well, these were the top 5 Holi celebrations in India. To know about what celebrations take place in other states for Holi, have a look at the graphic.

Holi map of India
Image Source: mapsofindia.com

Team Desi wishes you a very happy, safe and colorful Holi! Holi hai!

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