shahrukh birthday

Words are overtaken by my feelings for you. It’s difficult to write my love for you. Deeper than the deepest ocean and bigger than the infinite sky.
Call it fantasy or idiocity, call it pagalpanti. I will take all. It’s his birthday. I wish him, A happy birthday, A happier birthday. You have all, what else can I wish. Have a big and phenomenal death. Feel and satisfy your last breath……

I love many but I love you more.
This love is so divinely pure.

Desperate to see you once, till we are alive,
This wait helps me to survive.
Let me die with this wish,
It always gives me sweet pricking kiss.
If we meet, my wait will die.
I am not sure, whom I love more!
You or the wait to meet You??

My imagination is unhindered,
To this I and my soul have surrendered.
Let it fly high against the wind of expectations,
Don’t inhibit with your bodily temptations.
Yes, it is confusing, what I love more!
You or the imaginary You??

Infinite questions waving in the sea of my mind,
Leads my fantasies unconfined.
Don’t educate me about your original character and personality.
I am Loving this illiteracy and unreality.
Oh, this madness, which one I love more!
You or the unknown you??

One thing I am sure, confident and lucid,
You own my heart being so illusive.
Wanna kiss your charm,
Get wrapped by your arms.
Hold me tight and look into my eyes,
Our heart will beat together, here is what my happiness lies.

Humanist but not human... yes, huwoman.. daydreamer, lusty on intelligence, sapiosexual, desired brat for people under my cucoon.. rest .. movie is still on.