Food, what is it? How do most of us define food? Basic necessity?
Wrong! Ask a foodie what it is!

Well, for a foodie, food is love. Without food, life would have been nothing. Yeah!
Now, most of you would be thinking it as an obvious answer– that without food, life is nothing. But here, I am writing as a foodie, for us food means taste, a delightful treat to our tongue. The buds resting on our tongue, are like small natal. It is our duty to feed our natal. Imagination has no bars… Imagine natal on your tongue crying for food, or crying after being tortured by the tasteless diet food we feed them with. Ain’t we doing injustice?
Jokes apart. Tasty food is something out of the world. Taste can either make your day or can destroy it badly. While delicious food can make your day, whereas the opposite can ruin it badly!

What most of the 90s children start imagining as soon as they hear ‘taste’? Many of you must have started imagining a plate of gol gappa in their minds by now, or maggi maybe?
On the other hand, what do we usually associate ‘bad taste’ to? It might be any blunder, but, trust me, it is never predictable. But then, on the note of imaginations most of us might think of bitter guard or brinjals!

TBH, our stomach grumbles on the name of salad! What do we think after reading the word salad. Lettuce? Tomato? Cucumber? That too with a single pinch of salt? But then, there are some very interesting modifications in salads now. With those delicious dressings that we have. Ever imagined salad along with cheese? It may sound terrible, but trust me, people do serve it that way, and that’s wonderful!

Um… Coming to pizza. It is not just a dish, but an emotion. Everyone of us has this new kind of emotion now. There is a happy mood, then there is a sad mood, and there is also a pizza mood. What sounds more delightful? Pizza one, right? And what do most of us already have in our minds now? An extra large, extra cheesy pizza. Pepperoni maybe?

Talk about ghar ka khana. And it’s aloo ka parantha popping in the back of our minds.
Talk about chaat, and we start craving for gol gappe and bhel puri.
Talk about street food, it’s nonetheless momos. There was a time when it was pav bhaji and vada pavs, but now it has clearly been overtaken by momos.

Think chinese, and we start imagining a plate full of veg chowmein!
And then there are my kind of people, who relate every little thing in this world with food. Say Rajasthan, and I have dal bhati choorma in my mind. Say Chennai and it’s dosa. Say Delhi, it’s parantha from the very famous Paranthe Wali Gali. Say Manali and it’s maggi again! Take anything, and there is something related to food in my mind.

This is certainly my kind of relationship. Food will never betray you, rather it will give you, what it has. C’mon, it gives you calories, and things that make you happy, aren’t counted unhealthy. It even dies for you!!!


The Food Dictionary

The Food Dictionary is headed by a foodie couple; while one of them always wanted to be a food blogger, another had a long lasting love for food since forever. Though, they didn't realise when it turned into a passion and that passion came out through their blog. Dieting was too mainstream for them and experimenting has always been in their blood. They might be newbies in blogging, but trust their taste buds, for they be the best! > Their U.S.P. is self-styled, beautiful food palettes, sight-soothing captures and interesting descriptions, that will have you craving food even after you’ve had a satisfying meal!