Stress is a person’s physical and emotional response to a change. As you grow with life, stress grows. Everyone, everywhere, is a victim of stress in one or the other form. You, the reader, are facing something which is budding inside, building stress in your head and making you feel broken all of a sudden. If not taken care of, it may turn into depression. I’ll share with you, today, how I play off this game with stress!

You know why stress comes your way? If you think about it, then it is an adverse situation which you never want to face. Take it positively and it is an opportunity for you to grow. You are being tested against your patience and strength. Standing strong against all the odds is what makes you stronger.

If life is easy, it is not life. You should have some obstructions in life to make it lively and to feel that something is happening. If life goes easy, then life becomes lifeless and you become weaker as you lose the strength to fight adversity.

There is a saying which you might have always heard from the saints, and I will repeat it. If you are fed-up with the stress in your life, just break your shell, move out of it and look at others. You’ll be surprised to see that there exist people who have much more stressful things to face in their daily life. Is your stress bigger than theirs?

Analyze, introspect yourself. It is the need of the hour!

You need a home-made therapy to tackle stress? I’ll suggest you one.

What is that one thing which you love to do? One simple thing which you love to do and you can do that every day? Think of that one thing. Take your time, think and then we shall go further.






So now, when you have that one thing in your mind which you love to do, I would suggest you to take time to perform that one thing every day. No one is so much busy that they cannot take out a few moments from their busy life routine to do something which they love to.

When I was in college and I was going through a devastating phase of my life, I used to go for a stroll with my friends after dinner and sat in the college ground staring at the moon and talking to each other about some weird things. That was the time I loved to spend with my friends and it was a total stress-buster! I played the guitar in free time, instead of browsing the web for some shitty fake news filled with fanaticism and dirty politics.

You need to empower yourself with what you’ve got! Don’t let stress overpower you! Don’t give so much importance to something or someone that they are able to destroy you in a blow! Don’t keep things inside you! Share it with people, feel free, and I bet on it that you’ll feel rejuvenated.

A Data Analysis and Solutions Engineer by profession and a singer, guitarist, foodie, drummer, biker, animal-lover; Piyush Chaturvedi works at Mindtree Pvt. Ltd. in Pune. He’s a keen traveler, biker and loves to explore adventurous places on unplanned trips. Piyush keeps people around him motivated and is a stress-buster guy. Keeps logical approach towards life and thinks from his heart, he doesn’t want people to judge his kind hearted personality by his looks.