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No matter whatever the fashion trend is, Indian ethnic wear is evergreen. A country, where language changes at every 500 km will surely make you rethink about the changing fashion. We Indians love western wears, glamorous attire but we are still desi at heart. Here is a list of Indian wears & accessories for which every girl craves. So, scroll down and check out for your wardrobe.

Jammu & Kashmir – Pashmeena Shawls and Pheran

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Punjab – Fulkari, Patiala Salwar and Gurgabis

Uttar Pradesh – Banarasi Saree, Chicken Kurta’s, Zari and Jhumka

Madhya Pradesh – Chanderi Silk

Assam- Handloom Shawl


Uttrakhand – Nath

Rajasthan – Jutti, Sheesha Work, Lac Jwellery and Borla

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Gujrat- Bandhej Ghagra Choli

Maharashtra – Gucchedaar Nath

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Bengal – Tant Saree and White Bangel

Tamil Nadu – Kanjivaram Saree

Now, when you know what ethnic wear essentials you must have in your wardrobe, then it’s your turn to go shopping or, whenever you visit these states don’t forget to buy these state-specific ethnics.

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