Who in the world has not yet listened to the song Despacito, I urge you to listen it first and then come back to read. Despacito ranks #1 on Billboard top 100 songs. People are going crazy after this song. They are singing and posting videos of their voice and choreography. Some of them are humorously hilarious while some are fantabulous! The song is making rounds in the music industry by topping all the lists.

While the song is achieving huge following, a person who calls himself Mike Bustos (Youtube name) has come up with a hysterical parody of the same!

“I wear speedos!” The people actually love it and this video has reached almost 2 million views on Youtube! After all, he is much better than our beloved Dhinchak Pooja!
Mike can be seen sporting his “speedo” while swimming on the sea beach and is pretty much obsessed about them. He is dramatically describing what all he loves to do when he has his speedo on.

Creativity can never end and as a trend, people are coming up with the weirdest things they can do to become famous.

We still have faith in humanity and we believe it will win above such weirdos! 😉
Jokes and stats apart, go ahead and enjoy this parody to get the feather in your stomach to some work!

Original Song: Despacito
Original artists: Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee
Album: Despacito & Mis Grandes Éxitos
Released: 2017
Genres: Reggaeton, Latin pop, Pop


Going through hard time? “Speedos” will make your day!

Well, people can even relate themselves with the song!

Swimsuit got some fan following!

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