As soon as Yogi Adityanath was announced as the new CM of UP, everybody was talking about it. From news channels to Twitter, Yogi Adityanath was in the headlines. To find out how the Twitterati is responding to it, we looked under the trending hashtag #YogiAdityanath, and couldn’t stop laughing! Here are the best of tweets for you…

#1 When cows partied!

#2 Bhagat makes sense, right?

#3 And, what about Pseudo Liberals?

#4 When Yogi became Vin Diesel!

#5 While some needed Burnol!

#6 And, yes Vin Diesel was also trending, you know why!

#7 Rahul Gandhi was being missed!

#8 EVM Controversy, wo kya hai?

#9 Who will win – Yogi or Trump?

Let us hope the Yogi Sarkar does well. And, we hope you enjoyed our tweets compilation!