As the time nears for this years Diwali celebrations, new laws are coming up to adhere by. This time, it will be a traditional Diwali celebration all over the National Capital Region of India. Supreme Court has upheld its decision of ban on sale of firecrackers and this will be in effect till 1st of November.

Diwali will be celebrated on 19th of October. Restoring his order, Justice A.K. Sikri (Supreme Court bench head) said, “We should see at least in one Diwali the impact of a cracker-free festivity.”

Delhi has already been alerted by the alarming increase in air pollution. Delhi has seen the worst pollution on last Diwali in past 10 years which was said to be dangerous.

Diwali festivities in Delhi cause the maximum harm to the atmosphere, leaving the Capital in thick smog (as if it were a hotbox). Residents have been complaining of breathlessness and lung difficulties.

People are afraid of the so-called “airpocalypse” but do nothing to prevent it. Supreme Court comes to their rescue with a ban on firecrackers, this Diwali.

Here’s what people have to say about this ban on social media..


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