Being Funny Is Sexy

If you ask me what qualities I am looking for in my man, my quick answer is ‘jaw-paining sense of humour’. My humour is what makes me so famous in my social circles and I am attracted to men who can tickle my funny bones (very bizarrely I have more than two of them). I sense laughing together really helps to seal a romantic deal successfully.

I am full of sharp wits, puns, entertaining stories and I take pride in speaking effortless sarcasm. I stumble on it, as my way of connecting with people. Humour, for me, supports many relationships and I certainly wouldn’t want to be shut in for life in a humourless union.

Being Funny Is Sexy desimusings

I am a writer and I can give my word to you that writing comedy is easier said than done, and this world needs beyond the mind-numbing farting and gay jokes. A man who knows how to nail a punch line from what is happening around will make me laugh till my belly hurts and surely be an inspiration for my next piece of writing.

My life has been full of tongue-tied moments which I have brushed off with my wit and a man who knows how to ease off those out of your depth kind of state of affairs with a good-hearted joke is a keeper. I sometimes wonder how he is going to poke fun or laugh at me in my thoughts, tweets and journal posts unless he’s taking a moment to scrutinize my words.

Being Funny Is Sexy Chandler sex

How can I miss the heat of the bed? Hot and passionate lovemaking is amazing, but that’s not the only type of sex which subsists. I love to have that kind of sex where new things are tried, mistakes are made, jokes are cracked and we laugh together. Silly funny sex is as bonding as passionate sex.

When my Mr. funny man makes a grand entry, I am sure he would show me more ways to laugh at me and myself. My safety wall will melt away in a split second with him around trying to make a joke out of all this and make me feel more at ease to do the same. What is love? It is when both of us can truly be ourselves around each other in a funny way.

I have always laughed my way through my illness, misfortunes, anxiety attacks and complications. I bet you name a problem; I have lol’d at it because that’s the only way to muddle through the struggle.

Being Funny Is mr bean desimusings

Unfortunately, finding Mr. Funny Man has turned complicated. What’s up to men? Why aren’t you funny? I desire to be with a man who understands the world in the same way I do with the same sense of humour where we can put upon each other’s jokes to spend our lives together.

And the birdie points at you, oh yes, you the man who just read this who has the kind of sense of humour I am looking out with a contagious smile, amazing personality with the right mix of being well read, sexiness, smartness, intelligence and a loving soul. Are you the one? Do you think you can make me laugh for the rest of my life? Did you just nod your head in Yes? Woo me with your wit, we may be a hit.

She is Romila, 34 year old living in Hyderabad. A lover of coffee, shoes, Urdu literature, books, biryani and all things pink and floral. Most likely to be found reading, scrolling through Twitter, shopping online for pretty accessories, or with a cup of hot coffee and a journal in the other. She is an Editor, eBook(s) Author and a Writer who is extremely friendly, helpful and a happy person.