Anushree Vijaya Harshan
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Anushree Vijaya Harshan

Math Graduate And A Content Writer

A math graduate and a content writer by profession, Anushree likes to write about the beautiful things in life, because that is how she sees life. She does not mind being tagged as a naysayer if it could bring about a positive change in the world. She likes to believe that even negative has two sides to it. Passionate about tennis, she is curious about the magic that life is!

Contributions By Anushree Vijaya Harshan

The Paid “Pain” Leave

Here’s an excerpt from a bloody conversation between two “cultured” women, W1 and W2: W1 – (in whispers) Hey! Did you hear about the Pain...

Anecdotes Of An Omnivore

At 18, I turned vegetarian. I was coming of age and was entitled to freedom of choice, even if it meant that my mom...

GDL–Gross Domestic Laziness

“Amma” is the source of unconditional love and eternal happiness. She cannot bear the sight of her children working hard and persevering. She spoon-feeds...