He loved her, she couldn’t. She was nursing her broken heart, caught between her past and present. To her, he meant a lot, someone really special; still, a relationship was the last thing on her mind.

He stood by her when no one did; he made her laugh when crying was the only option she had. He made her smile in the toughest of times and gave her light in the darkest hours. He loved her more than anyone ever did, more than anyone ever could.

She knew it too, she understood it too. She wanted to be with him, but with every step that she took with him, one faint memory of her past brought her two steps backward.

All that he ever wanted was her to be happy, maybe someday with him too, if at all that could be a possibility.

True love never goes unseen. No one stays stuck in the past forever. Everybody moves on over their past, one day or the other and today, she was finally ready to move on. The past no longer masks her eyes; the past no longer blocks her view. The difference between someone was and someone is, is clearly visible to her.

She has eventually realized that he loves her, always did, and always will. No matter what the situation is, he will always be by her side. And she has fallen in love, again. Yes, love happens twice.

He is happy today, and so is she. They are now together, for a time that is a little more than forever, a little more than always. And together, they’ll make it happen.

A marketeer by profession and a storyteller at heart, Niket lives for three things - Food, friends and family. When he is not in office making marketing plans and analytical reports, he can be often spotted reading a book, or sometimes even trying to write one. Oh, by the way he makes amazing desi Chinese.