Accidental Love

Sitting inside the bus and waiting for the bus to start, Rushab looks outside the window. Today was not his day,  In Morning his bike got punctured in the middle of the road.  Then he went to the garage, gave the bike to the mechanic and picked us to reach the office.  He was almost two hours late for the office.  Now in evening, almost half n hour bus has taken to came and the driver has gone somewhere for tea or snacks maybe.  He  can see the frustrating, irritating and yawning face of the peoples. He is one of them.

Despite bad day, he ’s quite excited for the rest of the day as his fiancé  Ritika is coming his home to stay.  He has some good plan for the weekend Movie, restaurant and new shopping mall that built near to his home. It was almost six months pass off their engagement and will take another six months for the wedding.  With all of that thought going on the mind,  suddenly everybody started to yell and he realized that the river has come and taken his seat.  The old man near to driver seat is scolding him for coming late and then disappeared like a ghost.  Peoples sitting beside him agree with old man by shaking their head and murmuring something.

Finally with all hassle and tussle bus has started.  A bus just crossed half miles and there is a traffic jam on another side of the road.  Everybody on the bus stare at the other side.  It looks like there had been an accident on that side of the road.  Rushab can see many people gathering on that side and chatting with each other.  Vehicle Behind the accident spot is honking the horn; yelling at them to give a side to go.  He can also see the blank faces of the people on the bus. 

Accident road

“What happen?” A Lady sits behind Rushabh asks.

“It looks like an accident between two vehicles and four vehicles” A Young man sit beside her answers.

The bus has moved from the accident spot and left the Rushab in the questions.  If the accident was happened then where is the police and ambulance?  Looking at the damage on the vehicles it looks like the person who was in the vehicles met with deep injurious?  But there was no one lying on the road so they must be taken by ambulance.  “Forget it isn’t my concern” he murmurs.

The bus has reached his place and he left the bus.  He reaches his home by walking some distant and expecting his fiancé at home.   But when he reaches he sees only his elder brother sitting quietly on the sofa and looking intense.

“What happen bhai where are the others?” He asks.

His brother stands up and holds both the arm of Rushabh. “Rushab there is a bad news for you,” He says in a lower voice.

“What bad news and did Ritika came here or not?” He asks suspiciously.

“No, but she had an accident in MD Road. The car smashed the bike where she was sitting. She had taken to the hospital,  I’m waiting for you to come so we can go to the hospitals” His brother says again in loa her voice.

Hearing this puts Rushab in a shocking position where he neither able to speaks anything nor can able to mum.

“Okkk, Lett’s goes to the hospital.” He stammers.

Without blinking the eyes and wasting the time his brother take the bike key and said: “: Let’s go.”

He kicks the bike and Rushab sits behind. He is still blank and couldn’t able to figure out what actually going here. MD Road is the same place where a while ago in but he she sees the accident. 

When they reach the hospital,  he sees his mother and father already there standing near to the room where Ritika admitted.  He sees Police interrogating his father-in-law and mother-in-law.  He gets to know about reality and details of Ritika and her lover in hospital.

Without seeing the face of Ritika he gets out from the hospital with his parents and brother.  He reached his home and closed his room door without saying anything.  Lying on the bed and try to recall what his father-in-law said in hospital.

Ritika was in love with someone call Rudra which was her classmate in college.   They were together for almost 4 years and her parent never knew about that.  Rudra was orphan raised by his uncle and belong to lower caste.  That’s the biggest fear Ritika had and for that reason, she never told about her boyfriend to her parent.  After engagement with Rushabh, they were planning to leave the home and start a new life.  Today when they were in MD road, one car suddenly came in high speed and finding a space to go but due to traffic jam, he could n’t find a space.  Car driver couldn’t able to maintain his car speed and smashed the bike that was ahead of him.   Ritika and Rudra got some deep injurious due to that accident.  Ritika got the fracture in her legs, injurious in left side eye and Rushabh was in the comma. Both were didn’t awoke after an accident.

Rushabh writes something in a blank paper put in his pocket and goes to the sleep.  There have been 2 days pass since the accident and Rushabh did not visit the hospital once.  He got the news that Rudra had died and  Ritika had awoken yesterday but hadn’t spoken a single word to anyone till now.

Rushabh finally decide to visit the hospital, when he goes there he sees Ritika’s father who is speaking with a rise little far from Ritika who lie on the bed.  Father welcome him by slightly shaking his head,  he walks towards the bed.  He stares her put his hand on her forehead and leans down to kiss her but after thinking something he straightens up.  Put the letter that he has written under the cushion and walk out of the room.

After some time Ritika wakes up,  sip some juice and then stare at the opposite bed for some time. When she is going for sleep, she finds some folded paper. She unfolds it and starts to read.

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Dear Ritika,

It was a pleasure to meet with you, you were the nicest and cutest girl I have ever met.  Our love is like an accident,  when two objects smash each other it hurt both.  No matter who can get more pain but both gets the pain. It hard to detach myself from you but I have to do it,  for you and for me.  If I can able to give your love back then  I would love to do it but I can’t.  I know the problem that you are currently stuck in is bigger compared to mine. So that’s why I have decided to leave you forever because it is better to abandon someone that you were seeking before that one abandoned you for seeking someone else. Love and Luck for the future.


She didn’t do anything after reading the letter,  the one that she loves left the world and the one that loves her had left her.

Harshil Madhu is a Computer Science Engineer, currently working as a software developer in Ahmedabad. He likes converting his thoughts and ideas into short stories.