Are you done with all the typical romantic dates with your partner? It’s time to make the dates more fun by doing the unusual stuff with your partner so as to keep the charm and passion of your relationship alive. Some ideas may sound a little cheesy but everything is fair in love; isn’t it? So, bring out your real and fun side with these date ideas:

1. A crazy photo walk

Spending some time with nature and talking about all things philosophical is something one would love to do with their partners. So, guys, take your girlfriend for a photo walk. Click her pictures, be it candid or planned, and have a crazy date exploring each other’s different side.

2. Paint each other

Don’t go literal here! Dinner dates are something usual so this time go with your partner for fun games like paint-ball or laser-tag. Or go out and play games like table-tennis or other sports like hand-ball.

3. Who doesn’t love video games

If you want to stay indoors, you can play board games or video games. Girls, you know how PSP is guy’s best friend, so be a part of it and play with him. Even better, beat him at it and make it more fun.

4. Go for a pool date

Pool date doesn’t necessarily mean swimming. You can just dip your feet in the pool, relax, hold each other’s hands and talk your heart out. It’s the best date idea when you have to solve certain issues and just talk.

5. Time to cook together

They say, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ so cook something for your guy. Instead ask him to help you out and you can spend time together by cooking for each other.

6. Go for Karaoke

Go for a karaoke night and sing together (only if you have a decent voice please.) You can also dedicate songs to each other.

7. Camping is the new cool

Get out of your house. Go for a long drive and reach some mountains. Basically, go camping together and spend time with each other.

8. Go for a spa together

Relax yourselves from your tiring schedules and go for a spa together. It will not only relieve stress but also give you some quality time together relaxing.

What would you like to do with your partner? Tell us in the comments below.