6 Major Mistakes Startups Website Design Make

So you’ve started as a small-business and working tirelessly to get most out of your investment. To give exposure to your business you probably have spent on the digital presence, that is your startup website as but that does not seem to bring any potential business.

Where the problem lies? It is difficult for most startups to master-everything they need like studying web design, marketing tactics, and SEO etc. Therefore often people are unable to comprehend what issues their site is having and how immensely it might be hurting the business and reputation as well.

Hence, if you are unable to spot what is wrong with your web design then here are seven significant signs that are affecting your startup business that needs to get a fix, immediately.

1. Website Design Hue

One might ponder how color might impact the business? To understand the effects, take the current example of Performable who raised the bar 21% right after changing the Call-to-Action button from Green to Red. Another example, Ript Apparel altered its CTA button from green to yellow, and received increasing conversions by 6.3%. Hence, it clarifies the significance of hues when it comes to attract visitors and encourage them to take the next step after visiting your site. Recheck your forms, header and footer colors and study about hues that draw potential customers with the right message.

2. Quick Information & Details

Most visitors find difficulty in acquiring the essential information of business due to the wrong placement of the information or lack of proper information. Keep critical information right on the top-front and not enfold within six different pages to allow visitors access information, instantly.

To provide detail like contact address or work hours, the most common practice is to add a Contact us page. However, when it comes to contact a company, use a different tactic that works wonderfully and help boost conversion that is ‘Inquiry form.’

If your sliders are designed appropriately that defines your business exceptionally, then motivate your visitors to communicate yours either by chat or a quick inquiry form. What often repel people from not filling up the form is mainly because of how long they have to wait for the reply. Mention either in how many hours your team will contact your back or assign one of your members to remain active on chat to respond immediately.

3. Strong USP

Unique Selling point (USP) or UVP is a clear statement that describes benefits, values, and services people can acquire from your firm. It is the first medium that communicates and tells visitors about what makes your startup different from the rest and why people must have your services. Most firms and startups take high-quality content to describe, however, a good sales copy with appropriate copywriting services can do wonder to convert visitors into paying customers.

4. Responsive Website

Starting up firm or planning to launch a product if you want your audience to know about you quickly, know which medium they use most. Research shows that 60 percent of the searches are today done via mobile phone. If your website stuck or does not fit multiple devices chance are people will hop on the other competitor’s site. Therefore, if your website does not appear correctly which include a proper display of navigation bar, frictionless scrolling, appropriate CTA button size this sure means your visitors are facing problem to understand your business effortlessly.

5. Minimalism Vs. Cluttered

On the website, less is the more – Giving redundant information with services is not what meant here. By minimalism, we suggest using white space more than the other design content you have placed on your site. Talking about minimalism Crazy Egg display all about their services but present in one of the most effective way that is slipping down the services details under a drop-down button that triggers visitors to know about more information only if they are interested. This keeps site neat and holds information according to visitors who willing to get more information about product or services. Whereas, on the other hand, cluttered website design is now fading away from e-commerce platform as well. The reason is beautified your design and help people to find what exactly they have come to visit your site. With high-quality images, proper content and right placement of CTA will work wonder. What keeps your visitors evidently hooked and engaged with your site most is our next point.

6. Video / Demo

Sharing a glimpse of your product, how it works, how seamless it supports why one must buy it. Giving experience of your product or services via promotional video is one of the strongest media to get attention from your customer. Many startups usually come up with a complicated yet effective solution. Your audience might be of any size any age group, keeping video and content as easy as ABC will help people understand it immediately. Plus point of sharing promotional video content is that it helps make your product shareable to peers and networks. Therefore, adding your product video suitably on to your startup website design will uplift your sales ratio instantly.

Today, a new startup begins with a good domain name rather than a location. To fuel your startup plans with the incredible response, it is mandatory get custom web design services from professionals to get ideal layout fits your needs and engage your visitors with visually-compelling designs at Logo Design Valley.

Roy is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at Logo Design Valley, which is one of the best design firm in Dallas, US. He has been working as the creative marketing strategist with over 5 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development for the several companies.