Women’s Day is here, and so the reason to watch some Bollywood movies to inspire and motivate yourself, believe in self and bringing change to your old and conventional thoughts. Films play such an important role in our lives, they make us fall in love, they make us cry, but at times, they also inspire us… so, here’s a list of films that you may watch to feel even more special being a woman!

Dear Zindagi

A film about the life of a modern young girl, who is passionate about her work and career. A girl who goes through all of that, that a common girl in her 20’s goes through – a complicated love life, a family that keeps complaining, the decision of taking up an offbeat career and what not. The film is about self-exploration, fighting with your inner demons, and reaching at peace with yourself. This film will make you cry, but will also give you lots of life lessons!


Dangal, a film about a father and his two daughters. Father, who wishes to have a son so as to make him a pehelwaan, to fulfill his own desire. But, the luck plays its role and he is blessed with daughters instead! He trains them just like he would have trained his sons, and the daughters don’t leave any stone unturned to fulfill their dad’s desire of bringing home a gold medal in pehelwaani. The story of two real daughters, who have not just made their father but also the nation proud of their hardwork and passion.


The film is an example that women have not just become bold and courageous now, but used to be even years back. Neerja, a story based on a real life incident is a perfect example of a young woman, who put her own life at risk to save others. The film is an example of a woman, who is fearless, and is not scared to be on her own. A girl, who’s father tells her to not be scared, but to raise her voice if the need be. The film not just shows how daringly she fought till the end in a hijack, but also highlights her personal life challenges, like the career choices, an unsuccessful marriage, fight for her self-respect and much more.


This one Bollywood flick is a must watch to refresh and rejuvenate yourself and finding new hopes in life. So what happens when a girl’s fiancé breaks up with her just when they are about to get married? She doesn’t crib and cry over it, but goes to her honeymoon all alone! This film is sure to take you on a roller-coaster ride of varied emotions, as you get to realise that life is not just about finding a life-partner, but about finding your own life goals, exploring your own self, and while you do all that, learning to live life at your own terms and conditions!

English Vinglish

Though, the film revolves around knowing the English language, the film gives a bigger and beautiful message in a subtle way – rediscovering yourself. The film is largely about the triumph of a 21st century Indian mother in a world that demands her to be cool and modern.

We hope you enjoyed our list of films. Share if you have any other film in mind in the comments section below!