Letters are no more exchanged in this period of What’s App, Facebook and many other messengers that make all our work pretty easy. I wasn’t an exception, because I still remember, all my love encounters have happened through my phone over texts.

Be it a text message or letter, expressing love has always been the same, where millions of butterflies roll, stumble, tickle and fly inside your stomach and in fact, you seem to be floating after expressing. A Letter is the best of all medium to express your feeling, as it takes more time to know what the other person feels. And so, I just thought it would be really beautiful to recreate that medium of expression once again.

Here, is a series of letters that depict what a woman would expect from her future husband. Please note, these letters are on behalf of every woman irrespective of the relationship status.

1. She is Quite a Foodie!

Courtesy: Varalakshmi (Pen Name — the_tale_er)

Did you get what a foodie has to tell her future husband? Guess the favorites may vary, but hey guys, make sure you accompany her.

I give you a tip, if your girl feels too low, better treat her with good food, because the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. (It doesn’t just apply to men)

2. Be the Big, cos’ She is Your Carrie Bradshaw

Courtesy: Varalakshmi (Pen Name — the_tale_er)

No, I didn’t mean to highlight the shopaholic Carrie Bradshaw, but the woman who endlessly loves the company of her 3 other girl friends. And then shopping gradually slips in, when a woman goes out with her girl friends. It is the best therapy that could make a woman feel really really happy and high! Looking for a tip? Are you confused about getting her a gift? Buy her a pair of shoes. Cos’ nothing can make her happy than those pairs on her feet.

3. Be her Teddy Bear

Courtesy: Varalakshmi (Pen Name — the_tale_er)

All she needs is a few more minutes of chilling on the bed, doing nothing but just staring at the wall or just make her mind up for the day. Just a hug and few more minutes of you staying with her on a bed can do wonders. Trust me, she deserves a small break every day. Care to hear another tip? Just close the curtains and say, Babe, you look gorgeous and I love you!

4. Don’t be Jealous

Courtesy: Varalakshmi (Pen Name — the_tale_er)

Oh yeah, she loves you. But she loves her bed more than you. I know you feel hurt, but it is a bitter truth.

If you are burning out of jealousy, here is a tip that can lower the temperature. Take her to the terrace or the balcony set a small party area, where you guys can comfortably sit and either stargaze and talk a lot or share a glass of wine with some good music. This can be one of the ways to let her spend more time with you.

5. Make way for Maggie

Courtesy: Varalakshmi (Pen Name — the_tale_er)

Guys, you should actually be thankful to Maggie for prolonged romantic sessions you get to enjoy.

She is either too tired or not interested to cook but spend more time with you. So, just say yes, when she is gonna make maggie for you. This must be the best tip, right?

So, Dear Guys, love your girl for who she is and she would never stop loving you.

This is Varalakshmi, an ordinary commoner who tries to weave a story with my own experiences. I work as Content Marketing specialist in a startup. Creativity is my cup of tea, coffee, wine and all possible beverages I love. Writing blogs let me talk to myself and other who fall in my wavelength. Cheers.