Dan Brown and his Books

There is no second doubt that Dan Brown is one of the most important writers living today. What he does in a way that appeal to millions of people around is to tell stories that remind us there’s more to the world than meets the eye. His books are filled with history, intrigue, secret codes, and symbols embedded in paintings, books, churches, monuments and buildings which say that the things we take for granted are imbued with hidden meanings. A painting may not just be a painting as Dan Brown’s most of the novels say and the cover-up on a building may be more than a simple beautification. I am sure many of us; do not normally look beyond the surface of the world around us. Exploring the symbolism hidden in these pieces of architecture might not help you pay your monthly bills and make you rich but in a society where poetry, myth, religion, and philosophy are obsolete; maybe we all should care to ask and find out the secrets.

Dante and Shakespeare have divided the modern world between them, giving no space for a third writer. While most people are similar with the works of William Shakespeare, many people have never ever heard about 14th century Italian poet, Dante Alighieri. Dan Brown inspired by the first part of the Dante’s Divine Comedy introduced millions around the world to one of the most important writers that ever lived through Inferno. His narratives, laced with science, history, art and geography, have helped to bring out awareness among people on diverse figures, concepts, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jesus, anti-matter, the esotericism of Manly P. Hall, the Vatican, the Louvre, Noetic Science, Freemasonry, and the beliefs of the Founding Fathers. From Rome and Vatican City (Angels and Demons) to Paris (The Da Vinci Code) to Washington, D.C. (The Lost Symbol) to Florence, Venice and Istanbul (Inferno), Dan Brown has set his books in the some of the most beautiful and intriguing cities in the world.

Dan Brown And His Books

For me Dan Brown is my favourite author and one of the most important thriller writers in our time. His books are special and good investigated. The themes in his books are so complex and he has much insider information about whatever theme his books are based on. Dan Brown delighted me for the grail search, secret societies, Opus Dei, The Illuminati, and much more to read further on them. Beside the fact that I admire Brown’s willingness to throw rocks in ponds I have to also say, I am very impressed with the amount of research he does and he did for his each book.

Dan Brown has the ability to capture his reader. For example, when I start to read one of his books, I cannot put it away till the very end. His books are so interesting that when I go to sleep I continue to think about the story even in my dreams. His characters easy to connect with. I feel feeling as love, hate and fear with them. Some of his characters surprise me and others disappoint, but the main character is always developing and changing during the story and sometimes I don’t know for what to be prepared of. I believe that the key point in thriller fiction is the easy to follow plot, otherwise the writer will lose his reader. Dan brown, from my point of view, succeeded in keeping his readers during the plot. I find his stories easy to follow due to the fact that he doesn’t have too many characters in his story.

I would like to wake in you the fascination at Dan Brown books, and if you have not read any of his thrillers, it is time you read. He is one of the most influential authors of our time, so read to experience the other side of life, and I feel it’s a good reminder to all of us to log off of Facebook and Twitter every once in a while and lose ourselves in a good book.

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