Padman periods

After Akshay Kumar’s “PADMAN” one thing which came into my mind is that despite modernization and education why do we still believe in myths related to PERIODS?

We rigidly follow these myths around periods that it is not possible for us to deny their existence in our daily life.

We talk about EQUALITY between men & women every day.

But ask yourself, do we seriously consider them to be equal?

It starts at home. You are told to keep quite when it comes to menstruation. You are not allowed to share this with your father or brother, but why?

period padman
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Is it a SIN or a Crime to discuss this topic?

It’s natural, a good given process that every female experiences, then why so much inappropriate behavior towards them?

When a son asks his parents about sanitary pads or periods, the fixed reply comes as “You will not understand now “

Similarly, a menstruating girl or woman is not allowed in a religious place just because she is bleeding and is called impure, but why?

In many schools various sanitary pads companies have visited and raised awareness to girls about hygiene and usage of pads and educated them about their menstrual cycles. It was strange to know that boys were not allowed to attend these awareness sessions on periods, but why?

Our education and school system has to improve and should treat boys and girls equally, hype among teenagers will vanish and they will have proper knowledge about periods. Both the genders should understand and has to know that period is not a disease. It’s a boon to girls from almighty that she is capable of having kids in the future.

When have to stop feeling embarrassed when someone discusses about periods or menstrual cycle. It is not a shameful thing to feel wrong about.

Boys have to respect and understand the mood swings at the time of girl’s cycle and stop asking them ”Are you in that time of the month?”

Women on period

This is very annoying to hear from a girl’s point.

The change has to come and will come only when equality among boys and girls is taught in home to start with followed by schools and colleges. We have chapters on reproductive system and sex in our school curriculum, in the same way why can’t students be taught about menstruation?

It has to be there.

Please do think again before considering a girl or women impure when she is on her periods.



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