Do You Suffer From Self-Importance Disorder? Then This Is What Can Happen With You!

Narcissist are truly charming people. And some of the most attractive people you will ever meet. Many people think of celebrities when they think of narcissist. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to be a narcissist. And their are thousands of people all over the world suffering in relationships with a narcissist. If you have ever spent time doing extensive research about narcissism you’re more than likely in some form of a relationship with a narcissist. This is a toxic relationship that is hard to get out of, but too dangerous to stay in. Here are some tips on breaking free:

Develop A Plan

It would be wise to consult a counselor, and spend more time with friends and family. No one should attempt to successfully leave a narcissist without some type of support in place.

This is also the perfect time to get busy working towards your future goals. This will help fill the time you would have typically dedicated to supplying the narcissist.


You have to accept that your relationship is not healthy, and it’s in your best interest to move on. Whenever the thought or desire to stay comes to mind, you will have to ease your mind with statements like – this is in my best interest, I matter, I want to live a good quality of life. Counter every negative thought with a positive one.


Begin taking steps to separate yourself from the Narcissist.

It won’t be easy to detach from a narcissist. For one, the narcissist will not let you go without a fight. So be prepared to stand your ground. Meaning, stick with your decision to move on and end the relationship.

Stay The Course

This is the hardest step to take. The narcissist keeps pleading his or her case. You’re feeling lonely and vulnerable from the separation. You feel worst than you did when you were in the unhealthy relationship. However, you have to stay the course, cut contact with your narcissist, and keep going forward with your life goals.


Demarquis is an internationally exhibited visual artist and a published playwright and songwriter. His goal in life is to inspire people to prevail over there current situation.