“Maadharai pirapadharku maadavam seiya vendum” – Mahakavi Bharathiyar

The man in the turban was one of the most revered revolutionists, who by his words, tried to tell the society that no woman is less than a man. And the above-quoted line says it s a boon to be born as a woman. But is every woman living that kind of a life?

Leave the concept of a WOMAN leading a life she aspires to live. Is a GIRL even allowed to dream? Or to put that in simpler words, is a GIRL leading a life of a GIRL? A 25-day old infant is being raped in a hospital, because of just one reason… that it is a GIRL! The same infant is being killed for being a GIRL, which is also known as female infanticide.

Seeing a GIRL as a WOMAN

Seeing a girl as a woman is in itself a cliché. But I am pushed to such a state to be a little harsh on the reality. Only because of the incidents like Hasini and Nandhini that often come into the picture… This pricks my guilt conscious all the time, I surpass a girl, who plays without knowing what society has in store for her.

Be it an apartment, which vouches for safety or your own house, or your very own school, every single place poses a threat for you… if you happen to be a GIRL.

I remember one of my childhood gyans that I used to get frequently from my grandma, “Tunga, please avoid wearing skirts or shorts, when you go out to play”. This statement was so shocking to be accepted by a 6-year old girl. I did not understand the relevance or the importance of what she said and I used to crib a lot for not letting me wear what was so comfortable during the scorching summers. Now, I realize the hard-hitting truth and the underlying reason behind her words.

A girl is forced to lose her innocence, her hearty smile, running behind the butterfly days and finally herself, by becoming prey to a MAN. Without knowing the devil in disguise is going to create a traumatic impact in her life, she plays with him; sees him as her brother, as her father, as her role model and sometimes a hero, who would do anything for her. But, all HE seeks is the momentary pleasure, from a woman-to-be. This is how things work. Isn’t this disheartening to know?

I hope, now, I had a reason for making a statement; Seeing a GIRL as a WOMAN.

Dedicating this to all the girls, who are boldly going along with the tide of life and for those girls who have lost their lives because of such cruel acts. May your souls rest in peace, is the least we could wish for you. Being a part of this society, I feel equally responsible to voice out for you. I am very sorry for letting you face such problems at a tender age.

This is Varalakshmi, an ordinary commoner who tries to weave a story with my own experiences. I work as Content Marketing specialist in a startup. Creativity is my cup of tea, coffee, wine and all possible beverages I love. Writing blogs let me talk to myself and other who fall in my wavelength. Cheers.