Twitter is a like a huge vegetable market. There. I said it. Now if you have studied in Indian schools, you probably would have heard your teacher saying ‘Stop answering all at once. You aren’t in a vegetable market!’ when he/she asked your class a question. Why did he/she say like that? Because all he/she heard was noise, and not an answer.

That is exactly what Twitter has become nowadays. Too much noise, difficult to figure out the answers! I agree that Twitter is a powerful platform to voice your opinions on anything and everything. But lets come straight to the discrimination part shall we? It is different when a woman tweets and when a man tweets. Somehow we, yes WE, the users/readers, discriminate between them. Women get threatened while men get trolled. Yup! For eg, Indian Twitter. With all the hoo-ha around anti Romeo squad and illegal slaughterhouses in UP, we forgot our talks about giving equal rights to women & smashing patriarchy in the face and we threatened women! Those talks happened two weeks ago. Remember? I used the word ‘threaten’ because it’s​ not trolling if someone says “If I find you on the road, I will rape you!”

Yesterday as I was scrolling through my timeline, I witnessed such kind of bigotry. I decided to dig in deep and tweeted this out for people to share similar experiences.

I asked some of my friends to share such kind of incidents, some of them even refused, and for that, WE are the ones who should be blamed!
I did get alarming responses:

When @Priya_menon tweeted something non abusive…

And this was one of the replies…

Sadly she’s not the only one

When @sonalomania wasn’t pleased with the latest iPhone and tweeted about it. This is what she was told…

Now come the tweets related to politics. Doesn’t matter whom do you support or what are your opinions, you deserve respect.

@Ankita_shah8 , an AAP supporter…

When @UnSubtleDesi expressed her disinterest on watching Dangal…

When a young girl opposed a leader’s views…

When @HappyHigh01 tweeted her observation…

Even Smriti Irani, Member of Parliament and Union minister of textiles has an army of abusers against her…

These women are strong enough to speak out or let it just be. But what about those who can’t clap back like them and just go through this same ordeal everyday? Not normal, right?
Yes there is a block button but seriously though, do you think blocking will stop these serial abusers from creating another account? No, it wouldn’t. This just wouldn’t stop.

A user who wanted to stay anonymous for safety reasons sent me a DM, sharing a story about a supposedly powerful man from Twitter who is sending her rape and death threats. Her only fault was falling in love with this man who later turned out to be a merde. She’s a woman with a white collar job and threats from this man are a part of her daily routine.
“ If I go ahead and complain, he will grab my neck. I am already in enough pain because of him,” she said. Years back they followed each other on Twitter and as things started to progress, he demanded for sex. She refused, he got angry and started threatening her for rape. “He wants me in his bed and wants to rape me again and again, wants to fuck me even when I have my own family,” she told me.
This lady never visited him but started to oppose him. He was ripping her souls. His fantasies like “I want to rape you every day on the floor, sell your body on the streets and no man will buy it but I still want to enter inside you” became normal in her life. “What have I done? Why I am getting this in my life,” saying this, she broke down and this made me feel extremely guilty. She can’t speak freely because she knows she will be judged and nobody will step up to protect her. This made that guy powerful enough to take down other women like her.

Women are emotionally victimized on a platform which is supposed to be equal for all. Such kind of mental harassment needs to be stopped before it leads someone to it’s grave.

It is not Freedom of Expression (FoE) that we demand, but we need to draw the line. We need to make these people understand ‘why not to cross that line’. Anyone who crosses the line should be punished.
@manekagandhibjp started an initiative to protect women from abuses and molestation but what is stopping them from reporting such incidents?
This is the dark spot of the society which is unseen in the brightness of these huge cities. Instead of correcting others, we should start from our self and make our own self understand that it is OKAY for a woman to have an opinion. She deserves an appropriate (emphasis on the word appropriate) reply and not offering her your tool.

Let this article be the start of a movement, eh?
This is not a vegetable market. You aren’t naive so let’s


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*Inputs by a Tweep, who didn’t want to be named.

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