Windows Phone is dead

Let’s start with an unpopular opinion: Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile is the best Mobile OS in the world. There I said it! My first smartphone was a Windows Phone and I’m still using a Windows Phone. I have always loved the platform for what it was. Windows Phone 8.1 was amazing and whenever I Hard-Reset my phone with Windows Device Recovery Tool it takes me to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 and I always spend a month or two using it as I never updated to Windows 10 Mobile instantly. Windows Phone is a part of my identity. It defines me. If you take-out the app gap in Windows 10 Mobile it easily can be the best OS. I have been in the platform for so long that app gap doesn’t bother me as much anymore. That Start Screen is love and nothing compares to it.

But for about a year, things have not been good. Many fans left the platform and Windows 10 Mobile development slowed down since Creators Update started. They migrated it to different branch called feature2 and many said that it’s the death of Windows 10 Mobile. Well, it’s the sad truth now. The worst nightmare has been confirmed. Feature-wise, Windows 10 Mobile is dead and there are no features planned for it, just bug fixes and security updates till the end of the life of supported Windows Phones, which is 2018. Joe Belfiore confirmed it in a series of tweets he made responding to the questions about the platform and its future. It’s hard to see the platform you loved dying. I have never owned anything but Windows Phones but I have used Android and iOS and I’m not excited about any of those.

Recently Microsoft released Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS along with re-branding and updating their Arrow Launcher to Microsoft Launcher for Android. This made me consider using Android. I looked around and talked to few people but later on changed my mind. Having Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Launcher is cool but not good enough for me to switch to Android. I don’t like giving my data to Google and Android Phones don’t have a good track record of getting critical or any updates at all in time, for example, where’s the update for protecting Android devices from KRACK attack which exploited WPA-2 and affects Android devices the most, being able to monitor your Wi-Fi traffic and manipulating webpages? Google said it would take them a week or two to release the patch which will protect the Google’ own products, but what about the other Android Phones? Well, for now, those phones are doomed at best whereas Microsoft had already patched the issue before it was publicly disclosed. I still love Windows Phone. I use it every day and I love it.

Windows 10 Mobile is dead, feature-wise, and now there’s no denying to it. Windows 10 Mobile also lost many great features that Windows Phone 8.1 had which makes me sad because those features were iconic and no other platform had those features. So what’s next? Will there be another attempt with different approach? What do you think?

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