Ive been hearing this a lot since a very long time that girls always fall for the wrong guys, at least the first time.

Can anyone tell how is a girl supposed to know a guy’s intentions right at the beginning?

How is a girl supposed to know that if a guy actually means all what he has been telling the girl?

You know what the issue is? With most girls, they trust and start liking someone way too easily. He says every word she has waited all her life to listen. He does every thing she thought her lover would do for her.

All he has to do is say all the right words with the right emotions and its enough for her to FALL. Do all the gestures she once imagined her boyfriend would do and with that, she FALLS.

FALLS SO HARD, she cant get back up when he leaves. Everything seems dark. The one person she had the most faith on, left like it meant nothing to him and when she asks him why, he says,” I like someone else, I can’t be with you!”

It shatters her, inside out. Heart breaks into million pieces. So difficult to get it back together now. She questions herself and him, ” why’d he say all that he said? That he liked me. Why did he say that he loves it when I’m around? Why didn’t he tell me that he liked someone else? Maybe then I wouldn’t have fallen for him!

Who’s Fault Is It?

The girl, who fell too hard too quick? And didn’t tell him she loved him before becoming she was afraid he’d leave and she’ll lose a probable friend.

The boy, who didn’t realise that what he did for her, only made things worse. He did all that as a friend. He never expected she’d take all that as a wrong sign. He never wanted to mislead her.

Now when that girl has become stronger as ever and she doesn’t trust anyone in a blink, people call her stone hearted and someone who doesn’t have any emotions. But she doesn’t care anymore.

She cannot go back to her old self and be broken again. She couldn’t afford it. Her heart couldn’t afford it. Not anymore.

Instead she’d rather wait for the person who is actually right for her. She leaves it to destiny.

If there is someone who means what he says and does and is very clear about his feelings, love wouldn’t hurt then.

I’m sure a lot of guys have also been through this.

Not necessarily does a guy or girl “ditch” you for the wrong reasons.

Everyone has their reasons and sometimes you’ve to understand that maybe it wasn’t meant to happen after all.

You may then realise that is anyone even at the wrong end. Is anyone even at fault? Maybe only for the time being and not always.

Just another girl who likes to write. These words are my way of expressing my thoughts!