When I Was In Middle East

After completing my graduation, I never imagined that I had to go abroad & that too Middle East. Thinking of Middle East everyone was scared at my home due to its laws & regulations, strict policies etc. But I wanted to go by all means.

Finally the D-day arrived & I flew there. A big city, full of opportunities, huge infrastructure, fully developed country. My professional life started with a boom which I don’t believe now even.
Initial days were sort of mixed emotions with excitement as well as boring too. Boring in the sense as I didn’t have any friend circle, only office people. Slowly I started talking to different people of other nationalities. It’s a cosmopolitan city so people came from every corner of the world. I learned a lot about different cultures, languages, their traditions-festivals and food.
Similarly I met our neighbouring country people too; they are very frank in nature and ready to hang-out with me. Means nothing is like what I thought before coming here.

Bollywood collage
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But one day they asked me:

I didn’t have any answer for a moment. But then I trembled myself and told him that
“Why you are thinking like this? In our country there are around 22 languages spoken in different states & we consider all languages as our own. We never differentiate between the languages and we follow the principle of “UNITY IN DIVERSITY.”

This incident forced me to think about the thinking of the people. How they think about caste, religion & nationality. Most of the world thinks that Hindi is our national language but this is not true. India doesn’t have any national language as there are so many religions, so many castes with many languages. So it’s unfair to others to make any one language as National Language. That’s why we respect all states and all languages. In my family since childhood one thing we knew that before any religion humans comes first and always treat humans with love irrespective of their caste, colour, creed, sex or religion. Spread only humanity not hatred.

arijit or atif

Similarly again I was asked by people of neighbouring country

I smiled to him and asked him, what he wants to hear?
He said truth.
I asked him “WHO AM I, TO JUDGE THIS?”

He said you are an INDIAN so you know better, who is good in your country. I said both have different genres of singing, style and audience. You can’t judge anyone’s talent by his popularity. But still if you want the answer then my reply is Arijit Singh.

May be he thinks I am biased but that’s the fact, in India Arijit Singh has more audience and followers then Atif Aslam in India. It’s obvious. But I knew why they asked me that question. They wanted to prove me that they are superior to us and for that they asked me different questions on politics, Bollywood, cricket but I never entertained them because I knew it would give birth to a cold war which for me its unhealthy.

But seriously this long rift between two countries is visible everywhere but in a sophisticated manner. It’s not same like we see here; both the country people are very polite there and very good to each other there. That’s the most appreciated thing which I witnessed there. I wish they will live here also like that but it’s just a wish.

Long back a seed was ploughed and now that small seed become a huge big tree. Still that hatred transfers from generation to generations. This hatred belongs to both the countries and still there is no hope.

A permanent vacuum was created long back which was never filled by any government in both the countries nor by any policy or law.

After spending years there with this discrimination I finally realised that I need to come back to my own country. As this thing affects me a lot. No doubt everyone is very good to me but the sarcasm or taunts on nationalities, religions are not worth to digest. How can someone’s blame others religion or others belief. I never ever in my life disrespect anyone’s religion or caste or belief. I respect everyone and love humans.

We only pray to GOD or ALLAH or BHAGWAN or WAHEGURU or……..

To give good understanding to everyone and spread Love & Peace only.


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