Ahh…. what to do with hair is one of the toughest questions in the summer season. Sweat, humidity and high temperature irritates you and you have to look cool while facing all these problems.

Below are 4 amazing hairstyles for this summer. Are you ready to beat the heat with your fashion sense?

1. Pony Tail

Image source: goodhousekeeping.com

Classic pony tail is one of the best hairstyles of summer and with a perfect bunch of hair you can take it up to top notch.

2. Top Knot

Image source: lovetaza.com

It is the simplest, quickest and the most creative way to tie your hair with elegance. Jump suit or barbie dress with a top knot will always be in your favour.

3. Braid

Image source: prettydesigns.com

Those ages are gone when we use to blame our mom that she don’t know how to tie french braid, now you check online tutorials related to braids and kick off summers with your braiding styles.

4. Loose

It doesn’t matter you have straight, curl or wavy hair, just think outside the trending hair do’s. Do straightening, curl them or give them a beach look (wavy). Put them short, make it is easy and celebrate.


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