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From the last 7 years, I was in a committed relationship & very happy with the life. I have a good job, handsome salary, everything which anyone can wish from god and of course a very beautiful girlfriend. We both knew each other from last 10 years but I proposed to her after 3 years of friendship. Both of us studying in the same college, from the college itself I got placement in Germany & she got in California in an MNC Bank.

Now the big question is how we communicate?

At that time smartphone was not with us. Call rates in India itself are Rs.32 per minute for outgoing & Rs.16 per minute for incoming, so ISD rates were unbelievable. Internet speed was in KBPS, no 3G, and 4G. So we decided to call once in a week which we can afford.

Time passes like anything with the job and one day I got the opportunity to move California & I immediately said YES. I called her for the good news and she was shocked & unable to believe, she was like I am playing some prank with her.

Finally, we decided and start living together in a flat in California i.e. LIVE IN. We almost lived our lives like a married couple; the only thing left was those 7 vows. Our parents also knew about our relationship & they were happy also with our relationship. But they didn’t know about our live-in relationship.

Everything was going perfectly and then that incident happened in my life which changed my life totally and made me realized what I did in last 7 years?

There was a new face in my office from INDIA entered my cabin & asked “VEG or NON-VEG”? Actually, she is giving the treat to everyone because of her birthday. I wished her and again get back to my work. Days, weeks passed casual HI-HELLO were there.

One day after office I am at the coffee shop for my take away & she was sitting there alone.

Me: Hi
Preeti: Hey
Me: What sup?
Preeti: Nothing, having a cup of coffee.
Me: OK, enjoy your coffee. Take care bye.
Preeti: Wait, can you drop me to the next station?
Me: Yaa, fine come.
Preeti: Thank you.

From that day I don’t know how but daily we are used to chit-chat with each other and almost daily I am dropping her to the station. My Girlfriend was on vacation so I am alone and nothing much to do so I am actually enjoying her company.

On weekends we used to go for nightclubs, disc sometimes for long drives also. But in spite of all this, we never crossed our lines. We were good friends. Our colleagues had a doubt on us but we knew that there is nothing between us so it hardly bothers us.

One Sunday afternoon I was in bed & feeling very lazy, my phone starts ringing.

Me: Hello
Preeti: What’s your plan for tonight?
I checked the phone screen, its PREETI
Me: yaa, HI! Nothing, what happened?
Preeti: OK cool then we will go to my friend’s birthday party.
Me: Hello, NO. I hardly know anyone there. It’s awkward. You carry on.
Preeti: No, you will come and that’s final.
Me: OK

I am not comfortable at all but she forced me & I had no plans to let it be. We met with her friends. Foods, drinks, and games everything was there and literally I enjoyed a lot. Not for a moment, I realized that they are not my friends. Around midnight we left for our home. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I hugged her & kissed her in the car. I dropped her at her place.

Next morning we met in the office and I was totally screwed up about last night incident. But she looked very calm & happy like there was nothing happened last night. I am literally confused, what the hell is going on? Is this the effect of drinks that she doesn’t remember anything or she is fine with all that happened? Actually, she knows each and everything about me then why? All questions are playing tabla in my mind.

During lunch we met, she offered her food to me & I said NO, as I don’t want any more complications in my life. I love my girlfriend very much & didn’t want to ditch her and similarly don’t want to create false hopes for her also. But as you know girls have a very strong six sense so she senses something and started asking me what was wrong with you etc etc. I diplomatically replied and move towards my office.

Again weekend was there, and before she called I already made my plan with my friends. She called me there.

Preeti: Hello
Me: Hi Preeti: where are you?
Me: I am at cricket bar.
Preeti: Ohh! You are watching the match there. You should call me also.
Me: I thought you hate cricket.
Preeti: Yes I don’t like cricket but with you it’s ok. After all, company matters.
Me: Hmm (what to say)
Preeti: Fine you enjoy your match but after match comes to pick me, we will go for a movie.
Me: Hmm (still thinking what to say)
Preeti: Don’t think too much. I am booking the tickets right now.
Me: OK, see you then.

After that call, I am not at all interested in the match. Hangover gone, match sucks, hunger gone. What is all this happening to me?

We went for a movie. It was a horror movie and as usual girls hate horror movies but still want to see, WHY?

During the movie, she holds my hand of course because of fear. I am fine for this but inner me is not at all comfortable or I should say I am unable to control myself. I was like to hold her in my arms & kissed her again. Finally, the movie was over & we headed towards our respective homes. The whole night I am unable to sleep as I know that deep inside there is something in me also for her. Maybe I started liking her. But this thought kills me because I love my girlfriend very much then what is this with Preeti?

Next morning I decided that I need to talk to her & finish this. I called her in morning & invite her for lunch at my place. During lunch, I said everything to her. Initially, she smiled but after some time she starts crying & said I knew all this. I am not shocked at all that she knew everything.

She said I know you have a girlfriend in fact very good girlfriend & you loved her very much but still, I can’t stop myself from falling in love with you. But trust me I never want this kind of relationship. You are happy in your relationship & I don’t want to ruin your relationship.

I was stunned as I have nothing to say. How easily she expressed her feelings, I am just listening to her.

Preeti: sometimes we met with someone but not for a story not for a reason. Same has happened with us. There is nothing between us nor will be. I respect your feelings for your girlfriend & what was happened between us in the last few days it was so beautiful and I always cherished those moments & of course I will miss you. Take Care.

She left with a gift.

From that day we never met, no phone calls, no texts nothing. She resigned from office after lunch. I felt very bad as someone resigned because of me. After sometime office boy knocks on the door and gives me a letter. I opened the letter, it was her letter. She wrote:

“Don’t blame yourself for my resignation. For our betterment, its necessary & one more thing I got the job in Texas so don’t feel guilty. Enjoy your life, take care. “

Slight relief came on my face as it’s very hard to know that someone resigned because of you.

Today I am getting married to the love of my life. But before entering into the married life this “UNSPOKEN STORY” needs to be revealed. That’s why I penned down each & everything.

Frankly speaking now also I have feelings for her but as a friend only & always wish good luck for her.


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