While everybody in the country was busy talking about the exit polls, this girl @ladywithflaws changed the mood of Twitter India janta, as she shared a meme of our one and only Aishwarya Rai Bachchan… and in no time Twelebs were ready with their own trolls and memes on this picture of our beautiful Miss India.

#1 College wala pyaar <3


#2 Special reservation for this one!

#3 And the ugly truth

#4 Hope this article won’t get suspended because of this one 😛

#5 Oh God, howcome we couldn’t think of it yet?

#6 Shit, Bachchans’ secret is out!

#7 twitterati can’t just go wrong…

#8 And, the regular Indian mentality

#9 Bass ek vaar US ma settle thayi jaau…

#10 And… finally, the side-effects of a live-in relationship


Sarkar badal jaaye, par puns na jaaye! Jai ho Twitterati ki 😉


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