Twitter, in India is a platform of various views and emotions, and therefore, one can see varied tweets. While on March 11, Twitter India was seen celebrating for the victory of BJP in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, there were people who had a lot of excitement for Holi as well.

Apart from this, there are some news websites which compare kids with a terrorist! In fact, you would spot brands all over your timeline sponsoring their latest products and what not. So finally, I decided to search some Holi tweets… but instead of that, I got gems, real gems! So, here are some of the best tweets, which shouldn’t go unnoticed, here you go!

#1 Good job NASA!

#2 Rang de tu mohe gerua…

#3 Holi tips for our very own Kejri

#4 Bollywood wali Holi

#5 The harsh reality

#6 Lack of self control

#7 We feel you!

#8 Holi without bhang is a Biryani without non-veg… YES IT DOESN’T EXIST!

#9 And, one advice for all

#10 And then here is an important message from Mumbai Police. Jai Hind!

#11 And last but not the least

I’m sure some of these tweets would have made you laugh and some would have given you an important message regarding safety of all during the festival. I hope you enjoyed reading this compilation, ah, am I forgetting something?

Happy Holi!!!

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